Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Father's Day trip.

I'm a little late on this post.  1.  I forgot I had taken these photos and 2. The church rummage sale ate up all of the time I had from the time I took the photos.  

We skipped church on Father's Day and went for a family trip to Toledo, Magee Marsh and to Marblehead.  We had a delightful time!

An Eagle's nest that they have at Magee Marsh.  They had to block off part of the parking lot in order to give the nest the privacy it needs.

We were there for the May Fly hatch!  :insert slightly sarcastic tone:  They were everywhere.  This one was pick-pocketing Hubs pocket.

Hello, Monarch!  We fear we won't see many of you this year.  Last winter absolutely wreaked havoc on our gardens.  

The no trespassing, Eagles are nesting here, sign.

Quite a delightful trail.  We arrived a little too late for the migration and with the May Fly hatch, we didn't hang too long. 

If you thought I was lying about the May Flies, I wasn't.  Look at them hanging thick on the Milkweed.  

My people at the lake.  Lake Erie, to be exact.  Hubs is wearing his binocular straps.  He was trying to find some migrants. Again, a hair too late. 

K was hunting for shells. 

She would have brought home more if I let her. 

Even more. 

On the way back through, a May Fly landed on her, she started to flip and flutter herself and caused them to swarm.  Thanks, K. :S

This is just because we found it to be hilarious.  There are no other cars around.  We were the only ones parked there.  We came back and this car was snuggled up tight to the Yaris.  There is so much space.  Why be all claustrophobic about parking? 

We moved on to Marblehead.  This is the view of Cedar Point from the shore near the lighthouse.

Speaking of, they have a lovely lighthouse! 

This past weekend, after the retirement shin-dig, we went fishing on our little row-row-row your boat.  I saw this parachute, but didn't recall seeing a plane come by to drop it.  Nope.  It was a guy with a parachute and maybe an ultralight mechanism that he rode on.  Looked cool.

He twirled and spun in the air.  I told Hubs that I would probably be ill if that was me up there.  I'll just watch that from the ground, thank you.  
My people didn't catch any fish this past Sunday, but it wasn't for a lack of trying.  By the time we got the boat loaded back up and back home, it was well past 9 PM.  They went to a different lake this past  Monday and enjoyed much better success.

Have a great day!


Rach said...

Mayflies...oh dear lordy mercy. :oS Yeah, I'd have hightailed it outta there. Eek!

I'm laughing about the car on top of the Yaris because that is SOOOOO something I would do. I swear I would. Wide open parking lot? Why not park next to another car?? :oP

The lighthouse is lovely and so was the monarch. Hooray for Father's Day!

P.S. K is getting so so tall!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Promise me that you'll rethink claustrophobic parking next time, eh? ;) There was just soooo much space. No need to park on top of each other. It wasn't the height of migration. Spread out a bit. I promise. It'll all be okay. :)

P.S. Yes, she is.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. So glad you guys had a nice time.