Friday, June 6, 2014

"Sure, I'll do that" needs to be removed from my vocabulary.

Hubs has informed me for some time that I need to exercise the "birth of no." *

I signed on to heading up the annual church indoor yard sale.

Salvation Army is completely booked and can't send a truck to come get the stuff.  Amvets will be out 11 days prior, but not "in your area" on that day despite having a truck load of goods to give.  They don't work on Saturday anyhow.  (Super.)  I have a message out to Goodwill who only really does pick-ups of estate sales, but I told them that essentially, this is a giant estate sale.

The woman who puts the ads in bailed on me and left me on my own to do that.  After working on it for well over an hour, I've realized that I'm far too ahead on that one.

The pastor was concerned because I was starting on set-up later than she thought I should.  I was waiting for Hubs who works out and frankly, I know won't have a heart attack from carrying tables.  I've now moved set-up to Friday at 6:30 PM.

I need people to drive and pick things up and possibly take and drop off all all of the extraneous goods.  I can't manage to hear from one of them.

I have people who volunteer and call to change times.

I have people who have volunteered in the past but because they haven't been given an engraved invitation, feel that they won't volunteer because not personally invited.

What did I get myself into?


I've been up to my eyeballs in PTA and this is right up next to it.  The person I'm taking over for always had her husband call and schedule the truck pick up.  I had no idea to do it a month or more in advance.


* In PJ 20, they kept saying yes to everything because they waited for a while for people to ask the band to do things and had the colossal mess of State of Love & Trust at the Singles movie release, making complete butts out of themselves, to which Stone later commented that particular moment was the birth of no. 


Rach said...

I'm now in the little end of the pool with the non-swimmers. I'm missing a little two letter word in my vocabulary...

UGH! Hang in there. It'll soon be over and the tenure is far shorter than that of PTA President. :oS

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Ugh. It's not easy to find volunteers and ones that are actually helpful.

Hang in there. It will be over soon!!

FYI: Your mil just joined FB ;)