Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Sponsor's Perk: A run down the Soap Box Derby hill.

Because our school PTA helped to sponsor our school Gravity Racing Team, we were told that 2 of the board members could go for a run down the hill.  I pulled the President of the PTA card and said that I was going to take one slot.  It was a beautiful day.  Sunny, 88 F and a lovely breeze.  At first, they were declining a ride to the sponsors, but because I told them that I'm practically a little human, I'd have no problem fitting into the car.

Hooray for shortness!

My husband did a video on our camera.  He has some mad recording skillz, but Blogger doesn't like it and I can't post it here.  Bummer.

K is yelling in the background, "That's my MOM!"  She yells it over and over.  It makes me happy.

It's a weird thing, but how often do you get an opportunity to take a soap box car down the hill?

1.  The car confirms that you are larger than you think that you are.
2.  It's little in there.
3.  You have tiny steering triangles to use.  There is no wheel.
4.  The brake is at your right foot and since even being 5'1" was pushing the comfort space, I felt like my knee was going to go up my nose.
5.  It goes faster than you'd think.
6.  It doesn't go as fast as you'd like it to.
7.  It is easier to steer than you'd think.
8.  The brakes worked!


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ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

LOVE this photo! How fun :)