Friday, April 11, 2014

The beds are free of flannel which means that it will probably snow 12".

Last week, K's bed was freed from her cozy penguin flannel sheets.  She was sad to have to change to regular sheets, but did as mama asked.  This week was my week to free the bed of flannel.  The polar vortex seems to have moved northward, at least for now, and I wanted to move forth into spring with lighter sheets.

That probably just gave The Weather Channel the green light to name another storm a name often found on some model of vehicle.  Don't worry.  I haven't been brave enough to put the snow shovel away-- yet.  That usually comes right after tax day.


Rach said...

Spring is supposedly running away next Wednesday in the form of a high of 48. Joy.

Heidi Castro said...

This past weekend we sweated the days away in shorts and tanks.
It's 37 and snowing today. Ugh.
Put the sheets back on!!! ;)

Bailey's Leaf said...

We're supposed to get 3" of slush tomorrow. I feel you. I think we're getting the winter weather because I put my snow shovel away. I know better, but tax day is my usual safe day.

Apologize to your people! I didn't realize that I wielded such power by changing to three season sheets and moving the shovel to the shed!