Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quadratus Lumborum, thou art a heartless muscle.

The quadratus lumborum muscle resides deep in your lower back. It stabilizes your pelvis and lower back, and assists in sideways flexion of your spine and lower back rotation, according to
I bent down this morning to fix K's skirt hem and darned near was stuck.  It's my springtime QL fit.  It's not completely out, but going that way.  When it goes out, or has a horrible fit as would probably be more proper to say, it ends up feeling as if I have someone beating me in the back with Bert's chimney sweep brush.  
File:Mary Poppins3.jpg
Image from Wikipedia, though I wished that he had his brush!
Good times.  

I took two Advil and hauled off to school.  PTA meetings wait for no man.  (Or woman.)  I saw the gym teacher and asked to stretch my back on his floor.  "Has anyone puked on this floor recently?"  "None at all that I know of."  I pulled, I rolled.  I rocked.  I stretched.  K saw me and said, "You know that kids have sweated on that floor?"  "I don't care.  I'll take sweat over puke."

The principal pulled me into his office for a quick chat and I was standing like I was ready to play football.  I had explained to him my back issue and as I was struggling to find a reasonable way to stand, he just chuckled.  He suffers from back issues, too.  

My friend, Kay, tried to come to my rescue.  She picked me up in a giant bear hug, cracked a few upper things in my back and dropped me onto my feet.

"You just dropped me!"

She said that she meant to.  

She had me climb up on the desk and she'd try to pull it out.  Erin, our incoming president, came in and stopped.  "Um, okay."  She was laughing at Kay's Poor Man's Chiropractic Clinic.  (Kay and her family have a chiropractor and use him frequently.)  

"Your right hip is out!"  

"I know.  It's been killing me for a while." 

It makes me think, the hip has been jacked for about a good week if not longer.  It gives periodic fits, and I'm convinced that it is the first part I will have replaced.  That probably threw the QL all out of whack.

Kay pushed, pulled and tugged.  She tried.  I think it helped a little.  

In any event, if it isn't the pollen, it's the QL.  The buckets of rain have rinsed the pollen out of the air, but I don't think that the dampness have helped the back.  

I'm a hot mess.  


Rach said...

Good grief, girlie. You just can't catch a break, can you?

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Hope you are feeling better!!

My right hip has hurt for months. Dr. Google says bursitis made maybe it just needs adjusting... I may have to look into that.