Sunday, April 13, 2014

Clearing, moving, fevering, sneezing, soccer and Coca Cola free.

1.  Clearing.  I managed to get all of my flower beds cleared, including the garden, during the delightful 77 degree weather we had yesterday.  My tree lawn is littered with twined piles of butterfly bush limbs, the wild clematis bail that I cut back to about a 4" stub and the oak sapling that had to go due to being too close to the fence and more concerning-- the top had a major lean because of winds. As it grew, it leaned more and more.  The butterfly bushes number 3 and the tallest gets to about 11' tall.  The smallest gets only about 5' tall, but dies back completely.  It is so much easier to clear the deadness from the beds when things aren't coming up yet.

2. Moving.   The cup flower needed moved since it and the asters were not playing nicely.  It was early enough since it hadn't started up yet.  Last year I tried to split the asters and it was too late.  The split and move were not successful.

3.  Fevering.  2 hours into spring break and K was running a low-grade fever.  She's had a touch of a cold and the fever only lasted about 8 hours.  She stayed in all day Saturday while I was the Gardening Goddess.  She watched unlimited movies on the tiny TV (portable DVD player) and had a jammie day.  It was what she needed.  At one point she told me that she was 54% better.  Okay then.

4.  Sneezing.  Pollen.  My car is covered.  Allegra can only do so much.  We won't turn the air on yet and the pollen is too bad to open the windows.  The house is 77, but we're using ceiling fans.  We'll all survive.

5.  Soccer.  Today was the first day back to soccer for the season.  I tell you, I love i9 and the fact that it is only on Sunday.  K is just not that kid who can do 3 practices during the week with a game on the weekend.  I know that there are family members who suggest otherwise, but school comes first and that is how it has to be with a kiddo who requires a bit more studying time than perhaps others.

6.  Coca Cola.  I'd say I miss it, but I don't.  I'm kind of shocked.  I went cold turkey about a week and a half ago.  Now, I only drank a can a day.  I drank it at the beginning of the day.  I thought it helped focus the ADD, but I think it just made my head feel fuzzy.  I've accomplished a lot more and have been a lot more clear without it.  I'll have green tea or water with lemon.  I think it was more of a want for flavor.

K is feeling better.  We have Easter cupcakes and cookies that we've baked.  We're looking to a nice week off.  :)


Heidi Castro said...

Good choice on keeping the windows shut! I now have a green coating on all my wood floors!!! ACHOOOO!!

Rach said...

The windows have been thrown wide and left that way. You should see the line of yellow inside the vacuum container...or on the counters and stove, or swept up from the floor. I figure my house just gets extra deep cleaned during the weeks of the pollen infestation. I just HAVE to have the windows open while I can because it's such a short-lived season around these parts. :o(