Sunday, March 2, 2014

Writing won't kill her and early to bed won't either.

In church, K kept asking.  She wanted to get a drink.  Then she wanted to go to the bathroom.  I granted her one drink because she's had a cough.  That would have been a total of 5 times leaving service if I allowed her each time she asked.  Instead, on the fourth request, I wrote this down for her:

She had to write 5 times for each time she asked, then she had to write 5 additional lines for giving me a hard time about it. 
K does suffer a bit from time, date and place OCD (Mama diagnosed), but more of a calendar and time to leave kind of thing.  I love the child, but I couldn't take it any longer.

Right now, she's just gone to bed.  It is 7:30 PM and just about a half hour ago, I asked that she put her clothes away.  I washed and folded a bunch of things.  She said that she had put them away, but when she opened her door, I thought I saw clothes on her desk.  I had her open her door wide and she was a bit hesitant to do it.  She finally did and when I questioned her about the clothes she said that she had put them away, but pulled them back out to get what she needed for tomorrow.

Y'all, I'm not an idiot.  They were still in the same stack as what I gave to her.

"K, is that a lie?"

:insert tears:  "Yes."

"Then you will go to bed at 7:30 PM.  Lying isn't okay.  You could have said that you hadn't put them away yet, but you didn't."

I feel bad.  She was going to start reading a Little House book to me tonight.  :(

ETA:  I sent her to bed with no music and no books.  That didn't go over well, but I told her that she was to go right to bed.  "But you can't take my books!"  Why yes, yes I can.  Ugh.


Rach said...

And this is when I hate parenting and it sucks so hard.

We caught Miss Bit lying to us and had been for two weeks. Things got really ugly here. REALLY ugly. There were many tears and much talk of trust and integrity and then even more tears. When we took away any and all fun time, that was it. Oh, the sobbing. The other night there was a request for extra snuggles at bedtime and she was informed those fell into extras and fun and therefore were a no-go. (It almost killed me!) She really lost it then, and we talked once more about the incident and I asked if skipping out on what she should have been doing and lying about it was worth the lack of snuggles.

Man I hate parenting sometimes.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Hugs Mama! I think Miss K and Mr J are soul mates.

I'm going to try the writing thing with him. I've taken so many things away from him that there is nothing left. Maybe writing will help. It certainly couldn't hurt.

Bailey's Leaf said...

I love the dear child, but lies in any size aren't okay and the (as we call it) hestering isn't helping either. Sweet love, it has worn me out. I have felt like a bad mama. I'm like you. We've taken away everything and have nothing else. That's where early bed and writing came in.