Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In my advanced age, I'm now beginning to attract seniors.

I was hit on by a 65 year old man yesterday.  I'm not 65.  I'm not close.  Since I'm 40, he could be my father.

The gentleman came in, was a bit talkative and I was kind.  Toni, my coworker, was working in a case and he was reaching in all over the place and wrecking it by knocking everything down.  "Sir!"  Toni was irritated.  We worked together, found what he needed and he was cashing out.  Policy is for us to ask for a phone number when writing up the sales slip.  Being disobedient, I only take it for checks and credit cards.  He gave me a credit card, since it was unsigned, I asked for identification, then a phone number.

He looks at me, gets a weird smirk then points at his naked ring finger.

(I always wear my engagement ring and wedding band, so my marital status wasn't in question.)

"Oh, no!  That's not why I was asking!  We only ask in case you leave something behind and since you only have 2 items, I trust that you'll have them with you."

It was at this time that he tried to give his phone number to me.

"I'm good.  I know that you have your things."

Really?  I turn 40 and while I know that I don't look like I've walked off of the Prom Court, I'm now beginning to attract folks that qualify for Medicare?

I texted my mom about it.  Her response, "Sorry."

I could hear her laughing in that text.


Heidi Castro said...

ha! This happens to me too! I prefer to think that we look safely over the legal age limit! ;)

Rach said...

Still creepy and gross. Ew.

Bailey's Leaf said...

That we do. Not jail bait, but dude could be my dad! :snarly nose: He even creeped out my coworker who has a fairly tough skin.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I used to work around nasty old men. Sorry you had to deal with that.