Thursday, March 13, 2014

Do you ever feel as if your child is in a constant state of punishment?

I was texting back and forth with a mama who is having liar-liar pants on fire at her house.  Her child was ill prepared for homework and so forth.

Gee golly, haven't we played that song here at our house?

Just this morning when getting ready to walk out the door, K says, "Oh, look!  I have a reading paper that I forgot to do!"  She was very sing songy in her voice and I was not so sing songy.  I turned on the mama yell, which I don't like to do but resorted to because I WAS SO FRUSTRATED!  It was a full page of words (probably 10-12) that needed looked up in a dictionary.  I knew that there was not enough time to look them up in a traditional dictionary, so I took her to my bedroom, pulled the words up in the online Webster's and had her fill the spaces in.  Yes, I wanted to send her to school ill-prepared.  Yes, I did want her to sink on it.  The only saving grace was that the teacher forgot to write it down for the assignment books.  It took her an additional 20 minutes and where she had planned on eating breakfast at school, the first bell rang while she was walking down the sidewalk.  I asked the cafeteria lady if she had breakfast and she said that she hadn't stopped in for any.

Super.  She went without food this morning, but it was a choice.

The child strings her school work out all over the table and her desk.  I check over everything in the morning, make certain lines and books are signed and shove it all into the backpack so that she knows I've already trouped through.

She'll be going without TV for the weekend.  She is spending one night over at her grandparents and she'll have to tell them why she isn't allowed to watch TV.  She had to explain to my MIL why she had to write 3 sentences 140 times for her lying.  She's gone without TV for her lack of organization of school work, but never did she have an assignment that hung over until we were getting ready to walk out.

I'm frustrated.  I know that the kids are frustrated because of the teachers being frustrated about all of the changes to the changes to the changes in education.  Everything is up in the air and our air is far too cold for them to go out to enjoy because we get a snowstorm every other day.

I feel like a mom who only punishes.  UGH!


Rach said...


More of the same this evening. I'm SO DONE. GR!!!!!

And, I'm sick and tired of punishment that punishes ME too!!

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

You are not alone. J has lost almost every privilege. This morning I was yelling AGAIN and I said "I really have nothing left to take away". WHY CAN'T THESE KIDS DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD??

Sorry, needed to get that out :)

And my homework issue is M. He is unmotivated and irresponsible. He's also in 6th grade. How long am I supposed to be his secretary and homework coordinator? At his age, my parents had no idea what I did for homework. I just did it.

It's all exhausting.