Friday, March 7, 2014

A second too late.

We've been walking every morning.  Actually, we walked every morning this week, which is the first in a long time.

Just to remind you, it's been a hair chilly.

We've practiced spelling words.  We've practiced vocabulary.  K has carried a bag of canned/non-perishable foods all week with her.  It is the Harvest for Hunger food drive to benefit our area food bank.  Yes, her mother is in charge of the food drive.  ;)

These past mornings have ranged from 5 degrees to 16 F this morning.  We've had different degrees of freeze-thaw during all of that.

Hubs and I were caddy corner to our house, getting ready to cross the street and I stepped onto the driveway apron of the neighbor's drive and down I went.  It really happened faster than I could control it.  I couldn't think through it but I can tell you that I was very aware when my head bounced against the concrete.  It is at this point that I tell you that long hair saved me.


I've neglected to get my hair cut in probably 2 years again.  I had my hair wadded up in a flump, tucked under a hat and all that bundled under a hood that was fastened.  My backside took the first hit, then my head bounced, but the padding from the hair, the hat and the hood kept me from getting knocked out or -- worse.  Oh, I had a headache.  An instant headache.  Hubs turned around to see me down, tried to skitter to me but was rolling down the windows (thanks, Sochi Olympics) to try to keep from falling himself and I told him I would get myself up.

"Did you see stars?"


He texted me all day.  At first, he didn't realize my head bounced.  He saw me flat out on the apron and sliding into the street.  He told me that he was just going to tell me to be careful with the ice.  He said that he opened his mouth and just didn't get to get the words out quick enough.

My eyes weren't dilated and the 2 Advil I took right when I walked in helped.  I also ate, which helped. (I had a headache that I woke up with.)  I still have a little of a hum of a headache, but it is really low level.  My back is aching and I'm sure that slogging everything with the food drive tomorrow will only make it better.

So my noggin is okay.  I'm really okay if the winter leaves us, though.  My one fall a winter is done.  It can leave now.


Rach said...

Geeze Louise! You do it up right, dontcha?

I'm so sorry. I know you're beyond ready for spring.

Heidi Castro said...

Yikes! Glad you're okay!