Saturday, February 8, 2014

Of kitties, cold and grades.

Miss Leia has extra toes.  We call them fingers since they are on the front.  Well, little miss thing uses these extra fingers as thumbs.  The opposable kitty thumbs are used to help her to grab things like the scroll work bowl holder (spilling water) and allowing her to take the clip off of the cat food bag, allowing her unlimited access to the bag of food causing her to get kitty food drunk.

Good times.

I purchased a latching lid container to foil those kitty thumbs only to find that Hubs forgot to put the lid on, giving Miss Kitteh full access to the food-- again!  UGH!

The lid ain't gonna work if we don't use it people!

It was -3.6 F when I woke up on Friday morning with a biting wind chill and wonder of wonders-- WE HAD SCHOOL!  Color me shocked.  My cousin said that her daughter's teacher told her that the kids had to stop missing school and that they just needed to get used to the cold.  At this point, it's not getting any better.  We're in a cycle and it's cold.  Above zero feels like a breezy day, so it is what it is.  My coat is filthy because it has been too cold to risk washing it and not drying it fully before I have to go out again.  K's is the same.  In fact, I'm going to try to sneak them into the wash here in just a bit.

To note, I did double check with the office staff and our guidance counselor to make certain that all kids have coats and that they don't need any.  I reminded them that the PTA has money set aside for such things and if they need, please let us know.  We don't want any child running around without a coat.  Brrr.

Finally, I try not to be a big horn tooter with this because we know where we've been and how it feels to be there, but look at what K brought home:

The "O's" stand for outstanding and they are for social skills and study habits.  :)
How a year and a different teacher makes a HUGE difference!  Her prize from me?  2 Harry Potter books and a new balloon air pump.  What did Dad get her to celebrate the occasion?  A new whoopee cushion.  :insert rolling eyes:  Needless to say, she loves it!  She actually loves all of them.  So proud of all of her hard work!

ETA:  The coats are laundered!  HOORAY!

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Heidi Castro said...

HOORAY!! All A's is totally worth bragging about! I was actually going to post the einstein's grades, but thought maybe people would think I was being a braggy butt so i didn't. Now that you did, and I was so happy for her, I realize, I wasn't thinking anything at all about it except that you must be so proud! Congrats, K! Way to go!! And, Harry Potter books for an award? That's my kinda girl!! ;)