Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's my husband's fault.

I've told all of you before that my husband is basically a walking dictionary of a large chunk of rock music.  He knows who plays what, who was in what band, which bands collaborated, who hated each other, the music that influenced different people and what morphed into what.  (And more, probably!)

Oh, my. After 20 years in his presence, it has rubbed off on me.

After watching PJ20 (and Hubs bought me my own copy so that I didn't have to scab it off of You Tube), I became interested in bands that influenced Pearl Jam.  Many references were made regarding Fugazi, which I recall being played in the many art studios I worked in while in art school.  I listened and listened and was reminded that I do love them.  I looked up The Misfits and on first listen, I didn't know what to think.  I gave them a second listen and while I don't know that all of their albums would totally rock it out for me, darnit-- I like them, too.  Frankly, it is more art school music and let's face it-- I was there for 7 years and heard a lot of music!

Ian MacKaye is close friends with Henry Rollins.  (Fugazi was the glass shop.)  Henry Rollins was an art school thing for me and I do believe that there is a chance that I got Hubs onto him.  (Print shop.)  The Misfits were lead by Glenn Danzig, who I believe we saw open up for someone.  (More music from the glass shop.)  We liked him, too.  Of course, Hubs knew all of this.  One of the songs on the Garage Days EP from Metallica was a Misfits song.  I didn't know that but Hubs laughed tonight and said, "Of course I knew that!"

I don't know how Mr. Bungle came to mind last night, pulled that up on You Tube, it sounded like Mike Patton from Faith No More, I looked that up and found that it is the lead singer from Faith No More!  It's a small world!  (More from the print shop.)

Now I understand.  I really do.  You want to give a listen to the people who have influenced the people that you listen to.  Sometimes you hear a lick of the influence.  Sometimes you hear a lot of the influence.  Either way, it's not a bad thing to know.

Hubs, I get it.  I do.

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Rach said...

Of course--it makes sense! :o)