Friday, January 17, 2014

Disjointed chicken wings and other odd foodstuffs.

Do people really think when they label packages?  I mean, I'm all for telling it like it is, but you might want to soften things a bit when labeling "disjointed chicken wings."  I don't like chicken wings.  I've had them once and they were as I thought-- a lot of work and a waste of time with a lot of licking on parts that I'm not fond of licking and chewing on.  Still, the "disjointed" label would not entice me to purchase them even if I were considering retrying chicken wings.  Yuck.

You see, when I go to the store and find odd things such as this, Rachael is my text victim.  World Market is a treasure trove, as is the Bent and Dent down in Amish Country.

I've sent her a photo of Liver Pudding.

I've sent her a photo of Spotted Dick, because the thought took me to giggle like a 12 year old.  I know, real mature.

My coworker eats Digestives.

K likes Yan Yan, but Hello Pandas are her favorite.  We find those at Target in the dollar aisle and I make her sing through the store for them.  She'll always sing for Hello Pandas!

What about Happy Hippos?  I think I'll have to find some of those.  They just look too delightful to pass up!

Tabasco Spicy Chocolate?  Yuck.

There's always Vegemite.  I've heard that it is something that if you aren't from Australia, you just wouldn't understand.  I'm kind of glad that I don't understand it.

Tomato paste.  Literally.  Paste.  In a tube.

Olives stuffed with anchovies?  They are available in a can!

Vine leaves stuffed with rice?  Those come in a can, too.  Wow.  Who would have thought?

Mini Wini.  Needs no other explanation.

Currywurst.  Huh.

Wasabi Seaweed Snacks.  An 8 count pack.

Do share your weird foodness.  Any goofy things that you've spotted?  Come on Heidi, you have odd sodas to add to the list!  I know!  ;)

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Rach said...

In defense of the tomato paste in the tube, it's rather handy when you have a recipe that calls for a T of paste. It stays fresh and you don't have to open a can.

Digestives? British. Delightful, those.

Disjointed wings? Made me wince. Eek. I do so love your funky finds! ;o)