Monday, January 20, 2014

A Sunday School surprise.

Each of us received a copy of this with a post-it on the front listing some pages that specifically referred to things that she knew about us. Sheila's post-it to me listed the different adoption pages.  I told her that I would have read them then, but it would make me cry.  Such a thoughtful gift!  Such a wonderful personalized gift.

Sheila and her husband are both retired principals.  Her husband was the previous principal of K's elementary.  Sheila was raised Quaker and her father was a minister.  I know that Mr. G was raised in a very Christian household, too.

She is on my list to send a thank you.  What a wonderful thing for her to do for all of us.


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Rach said...

How special. I would be a watering pot. What an amazingly thoughtful thing for them to do! :o)