Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thoughts and ramblings about things of little importance.

I was just doing a Google search on something and noticed that someone searched in text-speak.  They used "r" and "ppl" in their search.  Hmmm.  I honestly don't use text-speak (generally) unless I'm so close to 160 characters.  I certainly wouldn't consider using it in a search.

I'm making taco soup today.  I knew that you'd like to know.  Since I don't use Twitter, that is my Twitter-like comment.  Also, I changed my socks last night and they have flip flops on them.  I found them new at the thrift a few years ago.  I knew that was of utmost importance and that you needed to know that.

I'm also having cold pizza for breakfast just because I can.  There.  More Twitter/FB-like information.

I had a Christmas party for 30 children at the school yesterday.  We decorated ornaments and I have to tell you, not only did it go well, but it took us to the end of the party time-- just like I needed!  I had great helpers and the kiddos did well.  Thank goodness for ideas on Pinterest!

I had a birthday party for my kiddo last night.  It was a family party and the usual suspects showed up.  We had two sets of grandparents and the boys from across the street.  My sister was feeling a bit under-the-weather and my brothers, well-- who knows?  Although I was feeling a bit hit-by-a-semi myself, I managed to clean the house, run the school party, make and decorate the tie dye birthday cake and take the kiddo to get her ears pierced.  I exhaustively dropped into bed, never waking except to turn the alarm off for Hubs to go to work.

Happy first day of break for us!  Our goals are to have a Brady Bunch marathon and to bust out some bracelets on the rainbow loom.

I've had people get mad at me lately because we don't have boxes for about 90% of the merchandise that we have at work.  A lady yelled at me, then her mom yelled at me because I didn't have a box for a small, under $5 ornament that she was purchasing.  I had a man mad at me last week because he wanted a box and INSISTED that he get a box, "It doesn't matter if it doesn't fit exactly."  Well, he got the box from Poopouri. He was also the very same customer who, despite the holiday music we had going, decided to pull up Pandora on his phone and play some gawd awful Mariah Carey or Beyonce Christmas stuff really loud.  Then he couldn't figure out how to make it shut off.  Why is it that people have to have a continual soundtrack to their life playing at every minute regardless to the humans that they may have surrounding them?

It's crap like that where my hatred for some human behavior make me writhe behind the counter.  (Probably visually.  So sad to say.)

Let me clarify a fact for everyone.  Not everything comes in boxes.  Not everything will come in boxes and it is this time of year where I really hate the idea of people and their addiction to THE BOX!

:deep breath:

And then there's Target.  I've called Discover, talked with that gentleman and called my bank.  By mutual agreement, the bank and I have decided to reissue a new debit.  What's sad is that my bank pin is the same I've had since I started the account in 1994.  :(  I have no fraud going on thus far and admit that I'm ever grateful that I have everything locked down with Equifax.  Despite my best efforts to keep everything secure, I've had my accounts compromised twice this year (once with the city tax site being hacked by a Turkish group and now the Target incident.)  My Federal Reserve friend is right-- must keep monitoring on forever.

In other news, our work lottery pool didn't win the latest big jackpot.  Just thought I'd let you know.

K was gifted a box of Legos yesterday.  The neighbor brought them over.  The child hasn't stopped playing with them.  I love Legos.

Must shuttle to soak some beans.  Must get my morning can of Coke.  (My coffee.)  Must make my bed.  A hair brush is currently optional.  So are pants that have snaps, buttons and zippers.  Yoga pants today.  :)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Double Digits!

K is officially 10, earning her the right to get her ears pierced for her birthday.  We'll be doing that today after school.

She is so excited!

Happy birthday, doll!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Of tires, warranties and silver linings.

Tires are a problem for me.  Truly.  They are round.  They are rubber.  They are supposed to hold air.  I swear that every single tire on the RAV has an inner magnetic field that pulls every hunk of metal (including nails, screws, shards and chunks) toward the roundness that allows said vehicle to roll.

I was on my merry way home from work last night when 1 block up, I noticed that the tire pressure sensor light came on.  I admit that I am completely aware of exactly which light this is.  I work in not a terribly good section of town.  I decided to pull off to the local Thai restaurant, run around the car to see if all tires were round and if getting home without assistance was possible.  I went on the car roundabout and saw that my back passenger tire was low.  Visibly low.  The good news is that I didn't hear whistling of air pouring from the tire, so I thought that I could go and top off the air in the tire.  It was 26 F and perhaps it was a cold weather thing.

I went to the gas station where I thought there was a free air pump and it was not free.  It had a Visa or MC logo on the front, so I gassed up the 1/4 tank with the $2.88 in gas/gallon and used my handy-dandy tire gauge to assess the situation.

10 PSI.  That's not good.

I called Hubs and told him that I was certain that I picked something up and that I'd be parked in the neighbor's drive.  I then called Mike, who wasn't home at the time, but he told me his garage code and told us to help ourselves to tools.  In the change of 22 F, the zipper on the spare was frozen shut, so I ran back home, got a measuring cup of warmish but not hot water to loosen the zipper up.  Of course, I had no gloves on because I had to deal with water and by the time we got the tire changed, my hands were blocks of ice.  We did, however, find said metallic substance.

I could see into my tire.  I could see into the interior of my tire.  Hubs has no idea how I made it home.

God.  It's all God at work.  There is no other answer.

On his way to work, Hubs took the RAV to the fine, fine folks at NTB.  "Sir, we can't fix that."  They showed him that I picked up a 1" x 5-6" hunk of metal in my tire.  A bigger concern that they addressed with him was that my 70,000 mile tires had only 35,000 miles (ETA 31,000 miles) on them, but were essentially bald.  Hubs called and told me that NTB offered to switch the tires out with new 50,000 for $100 each as a part of the warranty.  Shoot, we've paid more than that for a single tire for the RAV, so I told him to go ahead and do it.  We also have road hazard (not an option) and an alignment for the bargain price of $530 ish right after giving a huge deposit towards phase one of braces.  HOORAY!  :S  We consider it a blessing to have an opportunity to replace crappy tires that were so very loud (the salesman asked if loudness was a problem) with tires that will hopefully be much better.  We are blessed to have an NTB on the way to Hubs' work and how fortunate for me to be off so that I could run out, drop Hubs off at work (a few minutes late, but they were okay with that) and run back out to do the family car shuffle tonight.

Bonus number two is that I was able to fill Hubs' tank before gas went from $2.86 to $3.29 right before my eyes.  I was sitting in line for gas and the price changed on the sign.  I got to the pump and it was still the previously stated price and I absolutely couldn't scan the credit card in fast enough to secure that price.  I got it, then right after I was done, they shut down my pump.  Wow.

We're fortunate to have the ability to replace tires and get gas for our cars.  The tires weren't built into the budget for now, but we have a savings and I'm glad to have it though we ignore it.  How fortunate we are to have them offer a warranty deal, even though I've been a bit remiss on rotation lately.  How lucky I'll be to have a car that isn't sliding anymore.  (Hubs said, "You were sliding, weren't you."  "Yes, but I didn't want to say anything right now.")  How great it is that Hubs could go to take care of this for me.  I don't pull the girl card often, but I was fearful that I might get the dumb girl run-around if I took the truck and gave a warranty complaint.  They brought it up to Hubs and all is well.  I've never had a problem with NTB.  They've always stood behind the products that they sell and they've always given great service.  Still, I'm glad that Hubs could handle this one for me.

Monday, December 16, 2013

An awesome teacher that goes the extra mile.

Last week, you read about K's hamster dying.  She was very sad and had every right to be.  She took excellent care of H.  Today at school, Mrs. S handed her a paper lunch sack.  She told her not to tell.  Here was what was inside:

Mrs. S made K a hamster out of one of her favorite socks.  :tears:  How incredibly sweet is that?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A big thank you to the random coupon depositors!

K and I had to go to the big box today to pick up some photos.  We also had a big need for razors (despite it being winter and all) and Hubs needed lotion.  I always dread the razor aisle.  Truly, I hate to spend what they want, but unless I want to go around with my legs looking like they came off of Chewbacca, something needs to happen.

K and I went to peruse the razors and like a ray of light, there was an unexpired coupon for $3. off of a pack of razors.  Angels sang.  Lights brightened.  We found what we needed and happily tucked that $3. coupon into the basket, but underneath the razors so that it wouldn't blow away.  We went on to the lotion that Hubs needed and there was a $2. coupon off of one of the giant bottles of lotion he wanted.  Hooray!

I was able to save $5. on things I needed and didn't even expect to get that savings.  I went on and picked up an eyeliner for the amount that I saved.  Since it is the eyeliner that twists out of the plastic pencil that holds it and they don't give a warning stripe, so when you are out, you are left to scrape your eye with stubbbins until you get to the store again.  I see that happening soon, so I'm glad to have an extra on hand.

The $3. coupon was as if someone was standing there and just handed me three dollars.  I was stunned, appreciative and taught K that sometimes the shelf coupons are definitely something to look at. The $2 coupon was rubberbanded to the lotion bottle, so I taught K that it doesn't hurt to look at the stock that hangs out behind.

Keep it up random coupon depositors!  Thanks for the Christmastime tip!