Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stop throwing sand in the sandbox!

How embarrassing.  As a mom, you'd think that your child/ren can get along well enough to play together.  You send them off as adults, they become lawmakers and that makes you proud.  It makes you proud until you see that they are throwing sand at each other.  The only thing is, the sand isn't getting in their eyes or their opponent's eyes.  The sand is getting into the eyes of the 800,000 kids around the sandbox just standing around and gawking.  They are stunned that the kids are behaving this way and yet, they are the ones being punished while the sand throwers haven't felt the ill effects at all.

Grow up, lawmakers!  Get along, stop throwing sand and stop bullying the people who can't do anything about your disagreements!  You have 800,000 people without paychecks.  I'm certain that you aren't in that group, but would be glad to hear if you were.  You have people on the outer ring of that who are affected because of the 800,000 not having work, they can't spend money.  If they can't spend money, the people on the outside can make no money.

Good job!  Way to tear down moral.  Now get along and stop throwing sand!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The good news is that I found my desk.

I have been floating in stacks of PTA papers for weeks.  Today had to be the day that I freed my desk.  I knew that K had a birthday party from 3-6 PM.  We count that as a giant donut hole right through the middle of the day.  She's taken to wanting to kick back a bit on Saturday mornings and with the busy school week, who can blame her.  I started weeding through the paperwork this morning and it took me all day.  Since the birthday party was right down the street, I told the mom if there was any need at all, give me a call but I was going to return to pitchforking my way through the stacks.

I am done.

I found that when the Just Between Friends membership management website that PTA requires us to input membership data into crashed last weekend, not only did it not send my event post out to my designated list, but it also did not keep any of the updates in that I logged.


I spent today going through 240 membership forms cross checking them to the JBF site, then on to the directory, room parent lists and volunteer lists.  After I did all of that, I updated our permission to print listing.

Double rrrr.

Frankly, I'm glad that it is all updated and, in a few, all of the permission to print will be alphabetized.  I will wait until after the Room Parent Tea to finalize the lists for the directory.  (There are always a few stragglers when it comes to paying membership dues.)  It is at that glorious time that the blasted thing will go to print.  Saddle stapler, be warned!  The PTA membership cards will soon be printed to attach to the front of the very directories I speak of.  Then there is distribution to the classes.

After I get all of this done, my life will slow down.  We have our Walk A Thon fundraiser this coming Friday, so that will require me to be break my no Friday rule.  That's okay.  It has to happen every now and then.

I shall alphabetize while the Big Bang Theory plays in the background.  I can purge files from last year and replace them with ones from this year.