Monday, September 9, 2013

Teachers and dress codes.

I just read this article and it brings me back to a conversation that I had with one of the teachers at school just a few days ago.

I remember the good ole days when teachers wore nice, matching outfits, heels and had perfectly coiffed hair.  The teacher that I was talking to was wearing a t-shirt.  I was teasing her and told her that she always takes part in casual Friday.  (They pay a dollar that goes to a charity, I believe.)  She is very much a jeans and t-shirt girl.  Believe me, so am I.  We do have some teachers who dress very well.  We also have a few teachers who dress very casual.  Our children have to wear the standard American school uniform.  In the very least, teachers could subscribe to that dress code.

While I am not a teacher, I do believe that it is very important to show pride in how you present yourself to your students.  Okay, it probably isn't practical any longer to wear heels, but to dress it up a bit more than clam diggers and tennis shoes isn't too bad either.

Oh, and don't forget the underwear!

Thoughts?  Do share!