Saturday, June 29, 2013

Not too old to create with cardboard boxes.

It delights me to see that my 9 1/2 year old decided to gather up cardboard boxes this morning to take out to build some things with.  While this may seem as no big deal, I'm glad that her time doesn't always have to be plugged into something and thankfully, she's creative enough to fill her own time with creations that she's come up with on her own.  Yesterday, she decided that she wanted to bake.  She baked filled cupcakes-- on her own-- for the neighbors.  :)

Hooray for low-tech toys!

Friday, June 28, 2013

From trash to treasure.

Last week, K and I worked at the church Trash and Treasure sale.  For several days, we shuffled, straightened and tidied.  On Saturday, the last day of the sale, boxes of vinyl records showed up.  After everything settled down, we shuffled through them.  

I found our favorite.  :)

Mary Poppins! 

When we were in NYC, my SIL treated us to Mary Poppins on stage.  We loved it before, but Broadway made it even better.  I mean, the guy who played Bert sang and danced while being suspended from upside down above the stage.  Wow!

I told her from the moment that I found it that we needed to frame it.  K agreed.  So did Hubs.  We were all thrilled with the find.  It was just a matter of making that into the wall piece that we wanted.

We went to the thrift store on search for some work shorts for Hubs.  K wanted to visit the "Home Center" which is also code word for, "I want to check out the toys."  She didn't score anything, but I found additional dishes to go with my Christmas set.  I saw a wall of frames and spied this one.  Across the room was a display of vinyl, so I did a quick size check.  This frame window was about 1/4" too big all the way around, but better too big than too small.  It was 1/2 off blue day, so we paid a dollar for the frame.  She was in rough shape on the back.  Someone gutted it before.  

I found that the golfer collage was actually wallpaper or border.  Kind of hideous if you ask me. 

It was scotch taped to this American flag quilt picture.  Scotch tape was tried on the back as a holding agent for all of this beautiful work, but finally they went with 200 MPH tape (AKA silver duct tape.) 

I gutted, painted, cleaned and purchased glazier's points to hold it all together.  Voila!  Because we didn't want to adhere the cover art to anything, all of the words are on the back of the album cover and I wanted to keep the vinyl with all of it, I had to eyeball it in the frame.  It's just a smidge low, but with all of that weight, I figured it would shift a little anyhow.  I painted a 1" orange border all around the edge of the mat, so that a little bit of orange would pop out from behind the album.

Hubs was impressed that I didn't use my typical push pin hanger.  I went and found a screw for the wall and everything.  We love it!  :)  Our total investment?  Between paint and glazier's points, probably $3.00 total.  


Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

My list is still long, but things have been checked off.

First, I took K to the podiatrist.  She has quite a number of plantar warts on her big toe and down to the ball of her foot.  I thought it was just a callous from her skinny feet shifting in shoes!  He was a wonderful man and the treatment of choice (for now) is an in-office acid treatment and a prescription of Tagament to be taken 3 times daily.  It is an antiviral and in the dose he prescribed, it is effective for getting rid of plantar warts.  Hooray!  We had no idea what we were in for.  He said that he could cut them out, but she had 5 more waiting in the wings and he'd end up having to do them in a few more weeks.  This way, she can swim this summer and this is less invasive.  (She got them from swimming at the local university.)  Finding the prescription took 4 stores, but we've got it.

I've had it on my list to go to the Mom & Pop nursery down the street to see what they had for plants on sale.  I'm a perennial girl and I had the new beds up front to fill.  I found 5 that I wanted and asked the gentleman if his perennials were still $7. each.  He said that they were and I admit that it was more than I wanted to pay.  I told him to hang on and let me weed through them a second.  He told me he'd give them to me for $5 each and I said, "Sold!"  I didn't mean to get a deal, but I was happy to take it.

I came home and the boys across the street were most interested in my purchases.  They gifted me some cast-offs to help fill.  So far, my garden has the following planted in it:

Yellow Yarrow (from yard splits)
Pink Yarrow (from nursery & split in three)
White Coneflower
Purple Coneflower
Burgundy/Red Hibiscus (from nursery & with a baby as a bonus!)
Lavender (a driveway volunteer)
Miniature Hollyhocks (from the boys)
Orange Zinnias (from the boys)
Cosmos (free in the mail from some gardening club)
California Poppy (50% off seed at the local hardware)

I've noticed that I've accidentally gone a little heavy with the orange this year, but a lot is from seed and well, sometimes seeds don't always come up.

I didn't realize exactly what the hibiscus was.  I thought it was purple and interesting.  It's red and still interesting.

I made Hawaiian Chicken in the crock-pot tonight.  It was a Pinterest recipe.  I'll list it as good enough for once, but not again.  K hated it.  Hubs was fine and I was fine.  It was kind of meh.  The cooked cabbage was awesome, even if I was the only one to eat it.  (Thank God for Beano!  Cruciferous vegetable night will never been horrible again!)

I took the girls (K and the neighbor) to the African drumming program at the library.  I signed E up for the summer library program and the girls enjoyed the show.  K was all about volunteering.  The gentleman who was drumming was very good.  A little culture for the girls is never a bad thing.  :)

I got gas for both cars at the bargain price of $3.32 because we know that tomorrow the price will probably be back up to $3.89 again.  (It happens here in a big jump like that on a regular basis.)

We were going to work on a sewing project, but that can be for tomorrow.

I was going to clean the house, but that can be for tomorrow.

The big thing on the list for tomorrow is to hit the local thrift up for some shorts for Hubs for work.  He ruins them on a pretty regular basis at work, so used are just fine.  Hubs is in big need and I'm sure that a stroll around the thrift won't be met with much resistance from K.

For now, my pillow is calling me.

Have a great night!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When Dad is responsible for setting up the Slip and Slide.

It's really slippery and really fun on a very hot night.

Have a great day!

PS  And yes, I did get wet.  Surprisingly, only a few drops landed on the camera.  I was about 4 feet away from the end.  Let's just say that when soaping down the slip and slide, the end was not K's stopping point.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

You won't see a man move faster than when he realizes that his boat is trapped.

We've been very slowly whittling away at the landscaping work we planned.  (Busy and shifted schedules coupled with a week long festival of downpours will do that.)  I've been carving in the skip stone path that I made.  (60 stones cut in by hand and it took me more hours than I can count.  There will be finished photos when the grass fills in and I have plants planted, but it is DONE!)  The boys have been being nosey-poseys and the one mentioned, "Hey, [Hubs] hasn't been able to take his boat out because he can't get it out past the mulch."  "Hmm.  We hadn't thought of that."

And we hadn't.

I came in and mentioned Don's observation to him.  I believe that my husband gasped audibly.  "Oh no!  I'm taking the boat out tomorrow and he is right!"

And that, my friends, is how you get the remnants of a big ole pile of black mulch to move out of your driveway.

The end.