Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thoughts and ramblings about things of little importance.

I was just doing a Google search on something and noticed that someone searched in text-speak.  They used "r" and "ppl" in their search.  Hmmm.  I honestly don't use text-speak (generally) unless I'm so close to 160 characters.  I certainly wouldn't consider using it in a search.

I'm making taco soup today.  I knew that you'd like to know.  Since I don't use Twitter, that is my Twitter-like comment.  Also, I changed my socks last night and they have flip flops on them.  I found them new at the thrift a few years ago.  I knew that was of utmost importance and that you needed to know that.

I'm also having cold pizza for breakfast just because I can.  There.  More Twitter/FB-like information.

I had a Christmas party for 30 children at the school yesterday.  We decorated ornaments and I have to tell you, not only did it go well, but it took us to the end of the party time-- just like I needed!  I had great helpers and the kiddos did well.  Thank goodness for ideas on Pinterest!

I had a birthday party for my kiddo last night.  It was a family party and the usual suspects showed up.  We had two sets of grandparents and the boys from across the street.  My sister was feeling a bit under-the-weather and my brothers, well-- who knows?  Although I was feeling a bit hit-by-a-semi myself, I managed to clean the house, run the school party, make and decorate the tie dye birthday cake and take the kiddo to get her ears pierced.  I exhaustively dropped into bed, never waking except to turn the alarm off for Hubs to go to work.

Happy first day of break for us!  Our goals are to have a Brady Bunch marathon and to bust out some bracelets on the rainbow loom.

I've had people get mad at me lately because we don't have boxes for about 90% of the merchandise that we have at work.  A lady yelled at me, then her mom yelled at me because I didn't have a box for a small, under $5 ornament that she was purchasing.  I had a man mad at me last week because he wanted a box and INSISTED that he get a box, "It doesn't matter if it doesn't fit exactly."  Well, he got the box from Poopouri. He was also the very same customer who, despite the holiday music we had going, decided to pull up Pandora on his phone and play some gawd awful Mariah Carey or Beyonce Christmas stuff really loud.  Then he couldn't figure out how to make it shut off.  Why is it that people have to have a continual soundtrack to their life playing at every minute regardless to the humans that they may have surrounding them?

It's crap like that where my hatred for some human behavior make me writhe behind the counter.  (Probably visually.  So sad to say.)

Let me clarify a fact for everyone.  Not everything comes in boxes.  Not everything will come in boxes and it is this time of year where I really hate the idea of people and their addiction to THE BOX!

:deep breath:

And then there's Target.  I've called Discover, talked with that gentleman and called my bank.  By mutual agreement, the bank and I have decided to reissue a new debit.  What's sad is that my bank pin is the same I've had since I started the account in 1994.  :(  I have no fraud going on thus far and admit that I'm ever grateful that I have everything locked down with Equifax.  Despite my best efforts to keep everything secure, I've had my accounts compromised twice this year (once with the city tax site being hacked by a Turkish group and now the Target incident.)  My Federal Reserve friend is right-- must keep monitoring on forever.

In other news, our work lottery pool didn't win the latest big jackpot.  Just thought I'd let you know.

K was gifted a box of Legos yesterday.  The neighbor brought them over.  The child hasn't stopped playing with them.  I love Legos.

Must shuttle to soak some beans.  Must get my morning can of Coke.  (My coffee.)  Must make my bed.  A hair brush is currently optional.  So are pants that have snaps, buttons and zippers.  Yoga pants today.  :)


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I love the cake!! So Pretty :)

Ugh to the box people. Why do people have to be so rude? I'm sad that our society has denigrated to this. Where are manners and kindness?

It never would have occurred to me to put Pandora on my phone in a store, especially a store already playing Christmas music. *shaking my head*

Rach said...

While I LOVE this time of year for my family and making things delightfully warm and festive-y, I LOATHE this time of year for retailers. This area is home to numerous outlets so we have lots and LOTS of shoppers and they're so spooty and nasty and rude and UGH!!!

I went to pick up photos from the photo counter at the 'jay the other day and they weren't ready. The lady was falling over herself apologizing and explaining how they were backed up because of a big order. I told her it wasn't worth me getting my panties in a bunch because if they weren't ready, they weren't ready that I'd just come back later. I then smiled and told her not to worry about it. She asked if I could please come give a class to the rest of her customers. Oh my. Why are people such big fat spootheads this time of year? :oS

LOVE the cake and seriously, I think I need to see those socks because, FLIP FLOPS! :o)

Hang in there. Retail hell SHOULD be over by the new year, right? :oS