Monday, December 16, 2013

An awesome teacher that goes the extra mile.

Last week, you read about K's hamster dying.  She was very sad and had every right to be.  She took excellent care of H.  Today at school, Mrs. S handed her a paper lunch sack.  She told her not to tell.  Here was what was inside:

Mrs. S made K a hamster out of one of her favorite socks.  :tears:  How incredibly sweet is that?


Heidi Castro said...


Rach said...

No way. No. Way. What a wonderful, caring woman!

Michelle said...

I am so sorry to hear about K's hamster, but oh my, what a wonderfully kind and sweet teacher she has!

I tried to reply to your comment on my retirement pay post, but the email attached to your comment is invalid now :) I just wanted to say it's terrible about the decrease in value to hubs' retirement account and retirement accounts just shouldn't lose value like that when employees have paid in to them!

Bailey's Leaf said...


I've looked through everything and only see my current e-mail. If there is a spot that you know that I need to go in to change it, let me know.

Yup. Retirement money sucks. At least we have something for him. My job got rid of retirement savings for us just as I had turned over the number of years to start earning it. Bummer.