Sunday, December 15, 2013

A big thank you to the random coupon depositors!

K and I had to go to the big box today to pick up some photos.  We also had a big need for razors (despite it being winter and all) and Hubs needed lotion.  I always dread the razor aisle.  Truly, I hate to spend what they want, but unless I want to go around with my legs looking like they came off of Chewbacca, something needs to happen.

K and I went to peruse the razors and like a ray of light, there was an unexpired coupon for $3. off of a pack of razors.  Angels sang.  Lights brightened.  We found what we needed and happily tucked that $3. coupon into the basket, but underneath the razors so that it wouldn't blow away.  We went on to the lotion that Hubs needed and there was a $2. coupon off of one of the giant bottles of lotion he wanted.  Hooray!

I was able to save $5. on things I needed and didn't even expect to get that savings.  I went on and picked up an eyeliner for the amount that I saved.  Since it is the eyeliner that twists out of the plastic pencil that holds it and they don't give a warning stripe, so when you are out, you are left to scrape your eye with stubbbins until you get to the store again.  I see that happening soon, so I'm glad to have an extra on hand.

The $3. coupon was as if someone was standing there and just handed me three dollars.  I was stunned, appreciative and taught K that sometimes the shelf coupons are definitely something to look at. The $2 coupon was rubberbanded to the lotion bottle, so I taught K that it doesn't hurt to look at the stock that hangs out behind.

Keep it up random coupon depositors!  Thanks for the Christmastime tip!


Heidi Castro said...

I often see coupons stuck by things at WM while I'm grocery shopping, too. I rarely need what they are for, but it makes me smile, nonetheless, knowing that someone still has a thoughtful pass-it-forward soul that seems so rare these days. What a great story!

Rach said...

If I'm not going to use a coupon (for whatever reason), I'll deposit it. Bean always wants to hold the coupons and I always caution her, "Don't lose it! That's a whole dollar you have there!"

Well done, my friend. :o)

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I did that a few weeks ago at TRU. One of my coupons was for $10.00 off a Little People doll house. Clearly a doll house is not needed at our house. I left it on a doll house box and I really hope someone who needed it found it.

I'm glad you found it and that you were able save. Always a bonus!!