Sunday, October 20, 2013

Of pioneers and soccer.

The park program that we helped Hubs with was a pioneer themed program.  On a little off time K, dressed here as Laura Ingalls Wilder, decided to try the stilts.  Kiddo was great!
As you can see . . .
. . . I wasn't nearly as successful.
The 3 layers of my Caroline Ingalls outfit wasn't terribly helpful.  
(The pouch on my side held my not-so-pioneer Epi pen.)
Finally, I got myself upright and moving.  I was told to have the sticks behind my arms and not in front.  It made a huge difference!
Today was the last day of fall soccer.  

K was in there. 

 When kiddo kicks the ball, she puts everything she has into it.  Not only does she become fully involved with every limb, but she also has her tongue hanging out of her mouth.  Last week, I got pictures of her as she ran across the field and her tongue was sticking out on one side and as she ran, she moved it all the way to the other side of her mouth.  It was funny to see in all of the action shots!

She got a goal in the last second of the game.  The game was left tied 2-2.  

We're ready for a sports break for late fall/early winter.  Archery will start back up in mid-January, swimming in late February and soccer again in late April.  A break now is a good thing! 

Have a great day!


Michelle said...

K looks like she has the stilts down pat! I've never tried stilts before, but it looks like you guys were having fun!

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Yay for pictures! I love the ones of you and K on stilts. So much fun. You'll have to let us know when that festival is next year. I think the boys would like it.
Great job K on the goal. I think Aunt K is running this weekend? Wish her luck for us!!

Susan said...

I love your dress -- and what a fun day that looks like :) I was going through my old blog posts, and found a comment from you from 11/2008. We have both been around a while! Have a wonderful week :)

The Castro Family said...

LOVE the dresses! (even the epi pen pouch!) ;)FUN stuff!

Bailey's Leaf said...

The costumes were park issued apparel. I admit that I do believe that this is the last year for K's costume. She's worn it for 4 years now (I think) and she has reached the limits of the length. This year, it was a hair short. Next year, it will be too short. As for me, Ma Ingalls is fitting just fine, but I do make certain to wear a camisole underneath since everything is "one size fits most" and I'm afraid that the neckline tie will let loose and my upper figure would be available for all to see. Oh, and the Birkenstocks say 1860, don't they? That's okay, K had her LL Bean "nature girl shoes." Those don't yell 1860, either.