Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project Flu Shot

"Mom, can you please get me a flu shot?"  Music to my ears, really.  Remember that this is the same child who had to be held down by 5 very sturdy women at the county flu shot clinic when she was 5 1/2.  We came quite a ways.

For a variety of reasons, we decided that after plans were canceled because of a fevering friend, it would be Project Flu Shot.  I had some shopping to do at Target and was really rather happy that they offered them.  You see, K's pediatrician's office just got the shots in, but haven't scheduled the flu shot clinics yet.  So off to Target we went.  We got to the pharmacy and they asked what they could help us with.  I told K that I was going to have her tell them what she needed.  (I'm encouraging her to speak for herself.)  The pharmacist said, "I believe she looks too young."  :insert puzzled look:  "The State of Ohio requires nurse practitioners administer shots to those 13 and under.  Because she is under 14, I can't give her one.  I told her I wasn't mad, completely understood and had an idea of a place to go.

Walgreen's Take Care Clinic.

I went to the Walgreen's 20 minutes away, because they have a clinic there.  I got K a flu shot there once before.  We went, plunked her name into the system, filled out the paperwork, and in 15 minutes total, we were on our way out the door.  The best parts?  K didn't even flinch, they took our insurance and required me to pay nothing!  Hooray!

Our whole family is now flu-shotted.  Since Hubs and I had ours Sept 11/12, we're already covered.  I've heard that it is supposed to be a bad flu season and kids at K's school are already dropping like flies from a bunch of stuff.  Will this be a complete fix?  No, but it certainly will help.

And yes, I have her get the shot.  Why do I pass on the flu mist?  We pass because I want to be absolutely certain that she gets the full protection from the flu vaccine.  A nurse lives across the street and said that he's not convinced that flu mist is the best option.  We've been working on building up K's suppressed immune system (a product of her prenatal housing) and she needs every molecule of protection she can get.


Rach said...

B is the only flu-shotted member of our house. I'll have to hit the 'jay or Walgreen's at some point, and I MUST get the girls to the ped. Thanks for the reminder!!

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I need to get M a flu shot. J can't get one due to his egg allergy. Little M got one dose and will get a second dose at the end of the month.