Friday, July 5, 2013

All I wanted was to have the bath tub faucet tightened.

The faucet needs replaced, but is attached to the surround, so we needed to pull that to replace the faucet.  That alone was irritating enough.  (We're in repairs.  Forgive the notion of us needing to keep it real and while it is functional in there.  It isn't pretty.)
200 MPH tape (AKA duct tape) rides again!
 "Hey Honey, can you replace the fan with one that isn't quite so loud?"  We knew that we were developing some mold on the wall and ceiling above the shower and figured that the 12 year old fan had seen better days.
 Then we ran into the other side of this.  I will not repeat here what came out of Hubs' mouth.
 Up close and personal.  No fear.  We about had a heart attack.
 Hubs cut out the offending wood.  Yes, that would be the other side of the surround.
The sunlight was shining through the plastic bag that is hanging above the temporarily placed surround.  Keep in mind, we do not have a window in there.  I mean, I wanted a window, but didn't mean this way.  I pitched the idea.  Hubs turned it down.  He may have asked if I was crazy.
 The first layer of board.
The second layer of board, exterior and now waterproofed with a full tube of caulk.  I would be disappointed if Hubs didn't use a full tube of caulk.  He loves caulk.
He asked if I would cut the circle out in the soffit for the new vent cover.  He is going to attach the fan tomorrow, so for right now, it isn't flush to the soffit but it will be soon.  The wood will be painted back to the original gray and all will be well.

Thank God I have a handy husband!

Now onward to the inside!  No more lavender walls.  We'll be going with a nice sea glass greenish blue.  Yes, there will be photos of that later.

Have a home improvement-free night!


Carolyn H said...

Oh my! That was quite a surprise! Hopefully that is the worst of it :)

Rach said...

May I remind you of my simple request in my bathroom?? Alas, mine wasn't quite as simple as a leaky faucet repair. What a mess!!

Yes, I too love being married to a handy sort of guy. :o)