Sunday, July 28, 2013

A post of miscellaneous photoness.

Friday we had a big day.  We started out with a sewing lesson, then went on to pick R up for an overnight.  R is K's friend who has a birthday tomorrow.  Since they have sold their house, are building another and are in-between and living temporarily at her grandparent's house, a girl party wasn't to be this year.  We decided to do a reverse party for her.  We had her come on over and enjoy having a birthday girl celebration with us.

We went to the park near the hangar and played on the play equipment, then we had lunch together.

We watched the blimp come in for a landing (look at the guys pulling the ropes) and very soon . . .
 . . . it took off again!
And away she goes! 
Pardon the poor photo, but the hummingbird moths are back.  Hummingbirds were nectaring at the butterfly bush today, too.
A red spotted purple.  Not a typical find for us.  We've also had summer azure as a regular visitor, a monarch fly-by and a red admiral.  The average cabbage whites have been around.

Today K caught a tailless yellow swallowtail.
The cupflower is blooming.
So is the aster.
This was earlier in the week.
This is today.  Hello dinner!
The girls at the park.  R would be the upside down child.
The girls made brownies, by R's request.  They were a bit lavish with the sprinkles, but they were delicious!

Our weekend was good!  We hope yours was, too!


The Castro Family said...

The Goodyear blimp?!? How cool is THAT?!? Does it always "dock" there, or whatever a blimp does?
Great pictures, beautiful garden!!

Rach said...

I see you have the bumbley bees as well. :o)

How wonderful of you all to have R over to celebrate her day. One look at the photo of the brownies and my teeth started aching. All I could think was "crunch"! Hee hee! :o)

Love the flower shots, and am jealous of your squash. Yum!

Bailey's Leaf said...


It is one of the hangars and the primary one around here, so yes-- the Goodyear blimp lives there. Having grown up around the land of the blimp, it's a usual sky ornament for us.

I still laugh when K was little. She came running to me to let me know that the Bestday blimp was out. "Goodyear?" "Yes!" I loved that she accidentally subbed out words for the name that truly made sense.