Sunday, June 23, 2013

You won't see a man move faster than when he realizes that his boat is trapped.

We've been very slowly whittling away at the landscaping work we planned.  (Busy and shifted schedules coupled with a week long festival of downpours will do that.)  I've been carving in the skip stone path that I made.  (60 stones cut in by hand and it took me more hours than I can count.  There will be finished photos when the grass fills in and I have plants planted, but it is DONE!)  The boys have been being nosey-poseys and the one mentioned, "Hey, [Hubs] hasn't been able to take his boat out because he can't get it out past the mulch."  "Hmm.  We hadn't thought of that."

And we hadn't.

I came in and mentioned Don's observation to him.  I believe that my husband gasped audibly.  "Oh no!  I'm taking the boat out tomorrow and he is right!"

And that, my friends, is how you get the remnants of a big ole pile of black mulch to move out of your driveway.

The end.

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Rach said...

HA! That's AWESOME! :oP

Must remember to somehow block the door to the workshop to get things done...