Monday, June 10, 2013

The yearly dilemma.

My yearly dilemma is this-- are the cherries ready yet?  I've given it a few good weeks since I first started seeing them in the stores.  The price has dropped, so I'm thinking that is probably when the larger influx of cherries are coming in.

I bought K a little bag.  Then I kindly told her that I paid almost $4.00 for them and to please eat them.

:with tears:

Aunt Donna would always call and say that they were ready and once again, I'm left to guessing.  :(

I hit another milestone today.  I had to buy my child sidewalk chalk.  Because Aunt Donna bought her multiple containers each year and the last one being some giant Crayola bucket that lasted YEARS, I haven't bought chalk in more years than I can think to say.  I had to run up to the local discount store this evening and they had some buckets 2 for 99 cents.  I bought two and brought them home.  K has been working with the dregs lately and I've known that there was a need.  She was thrilled to see the new chalk come in the door.  I made her promise to use one bucket at a time and not to grind all of it up at once to make chalk "paint."  Still, another Aunt Donna thing.  :(

I saw someone on a red scooter the other day.  Since it was toodling around here, it could have been hers.  Right before she passed away, LeAnne and I received several calls of scooter break downs.  The last big call was when my sister was on her way to a function and could not come to Aunt Donna's rescue.  She asked that I go.  Hubs happened to be home and came with me.  We hunted her down, found the old girl and the broken scooter and Hubs told me to check on the back for some switch to flip.  We did and magically it was alive!  Aunt Donna made me give her tactile instructions (she was legally blind) and she was off.

We miss her and not just because she provided sidewalk chalk and "the cherries are ready" calls.  She was a pain in the patoot and certainly as hard headed as I am.  (Geeze, where did I get it?)  However, she would give anything to anyone and had the habit of being taken advantage of.  She knew that I was one of the few in her life that would not take advantage of her and truly watched out for her.  Sometimes, the old girl was a lot of work.  Her heart was in the right place.

We miss her a lot.

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Rach said...

As soon as I read you were looking at the cherries Aunt Donna popped into my head. Then, I read the rest of the post.

I'm so sorry. Loss sucks. Period.

I hope those cherries are the best ever. :o)

Oh, and I did chuckle at sidewalk chalk "paint"--I thought we were the only ones. Oy.