Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tales from the Trenches: A PSA for everyone who drives.

We had gone to the Home Depot and were on our way to soccer.  We were in a rather congested shopping district and were stopped at a light.  Suddenly, I thought that water was being thrown on me.  I looked over and saw the wiper blades going on the very large SUV next to me.  (I was in my RAV which isn't tiny.  At least we weren't in the Yaris.  It would have given the entire car a bath!)

I had just been washed by windshield washer fluid.

The woman in the passenger seat looked horrified as I was wiping blue fluid from my arm and across the top of my door.

She did not open her window.

She did not apologize.

They drove away in traffic as fast as they could.

I know that they didn't do it on purpose, but I would have rolled the window down and apologized profusely for spraying someone down with blue chemicals.

Please make sure that if you have a hankerin' to wash the windshield at a stop light, please make certain that the cars next to you have their windows up first.  I have gotten over spray through the moon roof, but people don't see that open and certainly don't expect the fluid to fly over their car and 1/2 way over mine.

My daughter would like me to kindly remind everyone that if you go to a drive-in restaurant, please remember that those who are sitting in the cars next to you aren't enjoying the cigarette smoke.  She's smoke sensitive (Instant bronchitis anyone?), so she is very tuned into whether people are smoking or not.  The last two times we stopped by our local (YUM!) drive-in, we've had to roll the windows up because of smokers.  YUCK!

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Rach said...

Huh. I never would have thought to check for open windows before cleaning. I will do so now, however.