Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sew, a needle pulling thread . . .

This is my girl threading the needle on the sewing machine.  Under her elbow you'll find her paper creation.  I'm the mean mama who told her that I insist that she sew paper designs and projects until her next sewing lesson with Miss Laurie.

And yes, that is an eye mask on her head.  Rachael will be relieved to see the glasses on for needle threading.  :)

Kiddo enjoys sewing.  I told her that I would let her set it up on her desk if she had it tidied.  I brought it in, she plugged everything in and threaded the machine.

She can't wait for her next lesson.  She is sewing on the same machine that Hubs and his sister sewed on when they were in school.

She can't wait to start making things that are a bit more than only the paper that mom will let her have.  Soon.

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Rach said...

Yes, yes, I'm happy to see the glasses. I was the mean teacher who fussed at her students for not having their glasses. Drove me batty. :oS

I used to sew paper. Those were the days...now I couldn't sew my way out of a paper bag. :sigh: