Monday, April 15, 2013

The loss.

My family and I have had the privilege to be at the Boston Marathon as curb crew.  My sister-in-law is a marathon runner.

My husband ran his sister OVER the finish line.  (He was running bandit but only ran bandit for the last 3 1/2 miles.)  We were glad that Hubs was with his sister.  After she finished, she had to enter a medical tent because of some asthma-type thing she had going on.  (26.2 miles will do that to you.)  She ended up being fine, but I'm certain that having her brother with her helped to calm her. 

We walked the streets. 

We took part in the activities. 

We rode in cabs.

We rode on the T.  

Boston was good to us. 

K was 2 and our time there was 7 years ago.  

I had calls, texts and e-mails checking to see where my sister-in-law was at and where we were.  People know that we have seen her run 4 marathons.  (Chicago twice, Boston and New York City.)  I was texting my sister-in-law back and forth.  She has a marathon coming up this fall.  She asked if we would have hesitation about going along with them again.  I replied no.  We wouldn't miss it.  

Having been in the marathon environment enough times to get what it is all about, everyone is hanging out with everyone else.  You have people from all over.  Everyone bands together and cheer people on. 

You have runners in costume.

You have runners that are/have gotten married at some point in the race.

You have people battling health issues, but they are battling to get to the marathon finish line at that point.  

You have people who have earned the right to run and are doing their best to finish.

I can tell you that as a lot of people, the last thing you suspect is a bomb going off and claiming lives, limbs and calmness.  The atmosphere itself is one so far from worry of national security and once again, someone/some people have claimed innocence with that of murder and panic.  

Tonight we pray for Boston, for the runners, families, spectators and for our country.  For once again, someone/some people have decided to do something heinous.  Allow us to band together and instead of pointing fingers, let us put our hands together in prayer.  

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I'm still without words. :o(