Monday, April 22, 2013

The deadeye darlin'.

K came home from school today, the craziness of the OAA last day prep and announced to Hubs that they needed to get out.  She needed to go somewhere and do something.

They went to the archery range.

I got texts from Hubs reporting where they were at, what they were doing and he even sent me a video.  Then he texted me later.  "Three bullseye in a row."  Later was, "She is on fire and got more bullseye.  I tried and I shot the arrow into the woods."

She shot for about an hour at 10 yards.  She was not shooting at 10 yards in the indoor range AND kiddo forgot her glasses AND she is nearsighted.

In the house, she now has the title of Deadeye.  Spanked the pants off of her dad.  ;)

I told him she took lessons and he didn't.  His response?  "Yea."

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Rach said...

I'm hearing Ralphie's Old Man in my head, "(S)he's a deadeye, ain't (s)he?"

Ha! I'm still laughing at Hubs. :o)