Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tales from the Trenches: Sidewalk Chicken

When we went to the outlet mall yesterday, we found that people played sidewalk chicken with K and me.  Now, I know that it wasn't my imagination because Hubs was a couple of paces behind and actually watched it.

We were in the Pepperidge Farms Outlet Store, K and I were off to the side walking down the wall of product and a woman walked from the middle of the store and started walking straight at me.  Knowing that I wasn't standing in front of product, I continued on with K following.  The woman finally got to me and then announced, "Well EXCUSE ME," and decided to walk around us.  We didn't walk in front of her.  She was trying to get in line.  We were walking in the opposite direction.  She veered to us, then wanted us to move and that would put us in the way of other people.  Needless to say, the craziness got me, K and Hubs the heck out of that store.  Nothing was purchased.

Later, we were walking down the sidewalk, saw people coming, so we "skinnied" over as we always do when we walk at night.  The people fanned out, took up the whole sidewalk, then started walking straight at K and me.  We ended up having to stop to allow them to pass.  As they did, I said, "I'm so sorry. Excuse us."  (Politely BTW.)  Hubs said, "I can't believe it.  I've seen it happen to you now twice."  It's not like we were misbehaving, looked as if we were trouble or anything.

Hubs insists that it is because I'm short.

I have it happen on a fairly regular basis.  People in stores have walked right in front of me and have gotten into line right ahead of me, regardless to the fact that I/we (me and K) are in line.  I'll be looking at things (The Crayola Store in Easton PA and the bookstore specifically come to mind) when I/we are looking at something and someone will reach over top/in front of or skinny between me/we and the product.  At Crayola, K and I had our hands on some shirts and were looking at them when a woman walked through us (the store didn't have many people in it at the time) to which I replied, "I'm sorry.  I believe that we might be in your way."

What are your experiences?  My daughter is quiet and well-behaved.  She is not jumping up and down and obnoxious in stores.  In fact, people have stopped us to laugh at discussions we sometimes have.  Yes, we are Christians and we try to be loving, let people in, get things for folks, K picks things up that people drop all of the time, but what makes us people that folks feel that they can disregard and walk completely over?  I mean, K will be taller than me very soon.  Kiddo and I now wear just about the same shoe size.  Will they plow her over when she towers over her mama?

Give me your thoughts.  Do you have the same thing happen?


Rach said...

As soon as I started reading this, I said to myself, "I bet it's because she's short." Therefore, I concur with Hubs.

I had a long talk with Lil last night about how my main goal in life is to be kind and to leave people smiling. That's just how I roll (gotta learn to say "No", though). But, when faced with such rudeness and inconsiderateness, that's hard.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Happens to me all the time. I don't understand it. I used to think it was because I walked with my head down, not making eye contact but I worked on that and I walk with purpose, I make eye contact, I keep to the right... Nothing works and I'm constantly getting "run off the road". Hubs jokes and says I must be wearing my invisible cape again. I'm starting to not find it funny. I also notice that when I'm shopping (usually grocery shopping) and looking for an item on the shelf, people will say "excuse me" if they are looking for something too and when I move, they completely knock me out of the way. I get the feeling they feel they are more important than me. That even though I was there first, they rank higher and I must now wait for them.
There is an extreme rudeness that permeates our society in all directions. This is just one more lack of manners and courtesy that we now have to endure.
(Can you tell this is a hot button issue with me?? LOL).