Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some of this and bits of that.

This was 2 hours and 45 minutes of our evening tonight.  This spelling list was torture, particularly since this week was standardized testing week.  Maybe it is just me and Hubs, but we thought that this spelling list was a bit insane for a 3rd grader.  

Speaking of, we had OAA (Ohio Achievement Test) or as I think of it Oh-AA week.  K felt pretty good about her testing and the teachers have been (I hate to say it) teaching to test since the kids returned in January.  No kidding.  Her teacher did a skit with the one tutor and it seemed to help K and many of the other kids.  It was something about flipping the snake off their shoulder.  Whatever it was, I told Mrs. H that it seemed to really work and keep up the good work.

Hubs has a man cold.  THE man cold.  I slept in bed a few nights ago, but he woke me up 4 different times because I snored or something.  The next night I slept on the couch to keep from bothering him and woke up 4 different times with him sitting on the couch next to me because HE COULDN'T SLEEP.  I asked what I could do, what I could get . . . Nope.  He just couldn't sleep.  He has come home early the last two days.  He has a program with 800+ expected on Saturday.  He was out at Earth Day on Saturday in high winds and cold.  He had a bit of something underlying, but that basically sealed the deal.  I do feel bad for him and have volunteered my services.  K and I will be helping on Saturday, requiring us to haul out at about 7 AM to get everything underhand with him, get almost everything handled on clean-up of details and press on to swim lessons 30 minutes away, then off to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa after.  I offered to pick things up, but since they are donations from businesses near and far, he'd like to do it personally so that they are thanked from him and the park.  I get it.

K has the same cold.  She coughed and coughed the last night that I stayed in bed that I've been giving her Children's Mucinex every night.  I won't give it to her in the morning since I don't want her going to school drugged.  Even her art teacher commented on her cough.  Yup.  I know.

We have a show at work this weekend.  I was busting my butt to get displays done despite the items that I needed not coming in.  Somebody scheduled a large bus tour to come by, but it seemed like a crazy idea with show prep going on.  We had to have everything all tidy for the tour only to find out that the crowd we expected were not who we got.  Not much money was exchanged, but I got to be the bathroom attendant, so not all was lost!

I had a lady come to the counter with an armload of things and announce, "I only have $52.00."  That would be okay, but she obviously over ran that $52 just on a quick visual run.  It reminded me of last week with the children with the book fair.  At least then I got to the point of saying, "Darlin', how much money do you have with you today?"  I can't do that with the customers.  I have never had anyone else do that.

The lady who decided to stay shopping after closed had her credit card decline.  Good times.  I hate having to ask for another.  "Do you have another flavor?"  That's my standard line.  Oy.

While helping K with her spelling extravaganza this evening, I washed and folded laundry.  At least I got decent things done.

I scored on an overrun of Turkey Kielbasa at the grocery.  It was marked down by half.  It doesn't have  a sell by date for another week, they just had too much.  We had that cooked with red peppers and mushrooms, K ate the remainder of her fruit salad from this morning and I cooked cabbage with some butter, salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar.  I could have eaten the whole pan, but I knew that would be no good for anyone involved.  I exercised restraint.  ;)

With a yawn, I have laundry to put away.  I must snuggle up and get ready for another day.

Have a great night!

ETA:  After all of that work, K got every single one of her spelling words right and for that week, she was THE only one who was Spelling Smartie.  She was thrilled!  Now, don't make me tell you about that reading test she flubbed on the same day . . .


Rach said...

I think the spelling list was exacerbated by the man cold and child cold. No, not kidding.

Yes, the list was a bit ridiculous, but nobody was in a decent frame of mind and it snowballed. I can see why the words are on it, and I can see why some would struggle. The irritating fact about spelling is, though, some kids "get it" and some just don't. It sucks, but there it is. I was a struggler--still am (thank god for spell check), but Jess was always able to roll with it. My saving grace was my incredible memory. If I could just commit the words long enough, I was okay. But, we had the same struggles in our house when I was a kiddo.

I'm AM so sorry about the colds, the man cold in particular. :sigh: Is it the fishing derby this weekend? How fun to have a big ol' event to prep for when you feel like you've been run over by a bus. Wheeeeeee.

Yeah, sorry about the bus tour. That was rotten. And, piles of stuff and "I only have $52." Really? Who DOES that? :sigh:

Oh, and standardized testing...don't even get me started...GR.

Bailey's Leaf said...

The irritation is a list that is hard and could have gone on another week, but I understand that stories fall whenever they do. Still, all of the other classes are free of tests today. K's is the only one (at least of the third grade) that pressed on with regularly scheduled testing despite all of the other testing. Even Mr. B had told me that it was a no test week.

Frustration, I agree. K is normally a very good speller and on Thursday, there isn't a whole lot of spelling work to do. Maybe 20 minutes with a test and re-write of the two words or so that she got wrong. The challenge of hard words is certainly okay, but the kids brains were absolutely fried this week.

Just a whiny parent this week. Sometimes you have to wear that hat. :)