Friday, April 26, 2013

A weedy trip through the gardens.

Soon enough, I'll be trippin' through the gardens with the gloves and weed bucket.  In the meantime, we have things growing!  Just look!
A volunteer lavender that will be moved soon.  Volunteers are my favorite kind of surprise!

A parsley volunteer.

A yarrow volunteer.  

My soon-to-be rotating compost bin.  I bought it last week for $15 at the Earth Day celebration at Hubs' work.  For Mother's Day, I want him to build a rack for it and get it rolling. 

It came from Greece!  :)

Two tulips.

A lovely daffodil.  The daffodils at the driveway aren't blooming.  I don't know why.  They didn't last year, either.  Maybe they need split.

Another lovely tulip.

A sea of Lily of the Valley.

An ocean of periwinkle.

Lamb's Ear that I transplanted last year right before the out of doors started the permanent state of fever.


Columbine.  I've found bits of Columbine all over the bed.  I'm good with it.  It can live where God planted it.

Cup Flower-- a plant that I bought from the native plants sale at the Wilderness Center.

I have no idea what this is, but I purposely planted it since it is three plants neat and tidy all in a row.  I'll figure it out soon enough.  

The bee balm made it through the winter!  Not all of the bee balm is up yet, but this one seems very happy!

A carrot from what I planted last year. A surprise carrot.

The dratted ivy I have to clear away from the house.  It is like a highway straight into the house for all of the little ants.

Grape Hyacinth.

I put the rain barrel out a few weeks ago.  I can't tell you how much I love it.  
My vine arbor needs a bit of a reconstruction.  The carpenter ants got to the legs and ate the living tar out of it.  It was leaning and I had K and E help me to move it to the picnic table area right behind it.  Hubs has promised to give it some love.  Never mind that it was labeled critter resistant.  Crud. 
An update on my seedlings.  Well, they aren't seedlings anymore.  The tallest tomato plant (from bottom of the cup to the top of the plant) measures 19 1/2".  They've been getting fresh rain water and a lot of sun.  I'll be replanting some in party cups with handmade tags for K to take to school for Teacher Appreciation Week.  I think that it is grand to give a teacher something that will feed them all summer long.  :)  K loves the idea, too.

Have a great weekend!


Rach said...

Just lovely!

B saw the compost bin and asked, "Whose orange rain barrel?" Yes, that's right, we too have a large plastic food barrel (ours was jalapenos). :o)

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