Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I am wearing.

My coworker and I got into a discussion about items crafted in China. I made the comment that I was sure that something that I had on had to be made in China.

I went to the ladies room to investigate.

- Sonoma sweater made in Jordan.
- O'Malley tank from China.
- Bella Crayola shirt from Kenya.
- Warner bra from China.
- Jockey underwear from Costa Rica.
- Gap jeans from the United States.
- Sonoma socks "imported"
- Merrell tennis shoes from China.

 Yikes. Have you checked your labels lately?


Rach said...

When I was teaching I had the same homework assignment the first week of school.

Day one: Look at the label of your shirt and see where it is made.

Day Two: Where are your shoes made?

Day Three: Where is your car made?

Day Four: Where is a piece of electronic equipment in your home made?

Day Five: Find something (ANYTHING!) in your house made in the USA.

We would put push pins in the map where an item was from with a different color representing each assignment. You could begin to see a theme or sorts emerge.

It was fascinating and rather sad all at the same time.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Day 1: Pajama top made in Taiwan
Day 2: No shoes on. My Sorel slippers are made in China.
Day 3: Both are Toyota and have Made in Japan plates in the door jams.
Day 4: The computer was assembled in China.
Day 5: On a quick thought and since I am in the bedroom, the bedroom furniture we purchased was made in America-- about an hour south of here!