Monday, March 25, 2013

The hazmat tent has fallen with a great thud.

It's here.  The YSF.  What is that, you ask?  In our house, it stands for the Yucky Stomach Flu.  (A virus, but there is better ring with the "F.")

K woke me up on Friday morning at 5:30 AM by going into the bathroom and turning the light on.  She never does that.  I knew that something was up.  She said that she was just going to the bathroom, but that she hadn't slept well all night.  She asked that I come lay with her and rub her back.


I snuggled in and noticed that K was warm in all of the wrong places.  She was toasty on the tender skins, the undersides of her arms and her under pits.  I took her temperature and it was 99.8, still in the normal range on our thermometer.  I gave her Advil, she felt "so much better, Mom" and skipped off to school.

I was at school delivering some things to the classrooms and her teacher mentioned her saying that she wasn't feeling well.  I looked in on her, asked the teacher that she was with if I could speak with her in the hall for a minute and that is when K's cheeks looked like Hatty the Hamster and I went running for the trash can.  The teacher complimented me for knowing.

I took her home and Hubs came home early so that I could go back to help shuttle the frozen pastry items out for the fundraiser pick-up.

Hubs kept texting me.  The news wasn't good.  I came home to the sound of the laundry going and to the smell of disinfectant.

That's never good.

She fell asleep Friday night at 8 PM and didn't wake again until 7 AM.  She felt like a new kid and decided that archery was a doable thing.  She opted to ditch on swimming because she was certain that the warmth of the air + the amount of water that she would inevitably swallow made her think that wasn't a good mix for the pool.  Normally, we don't skip, but she made a good case for it.  Instead, we window shopped for Hatty.

Saturday, she continued to have a few bouts of nausea (she didn't have those until after archery) and so we laid low.  She slept well that night and Sunday was a new day.

Sunday gave us Palm Sunday Service, a church meeting, laser tag and then roller skating with her sister.  She was doing okay until she did splat cat on the roller skating floor.  Her stomach hurt and I started freaking out that there would be some sort of internal damage.

Yes, I went a place I shouldn't go.

She took a bath, started to calm down, we watched Hatty and she said she was feeling a little better.

Fast forward to 1:20 AM when Hubs was standing over me saying, "Didn't you hear her calling for you?"  I hadn't slept real well in the last few days, so no, I didn't and I felt like a louse.  I jumped up, ran to her room and found her leaned over the garbage can.


She stayed home with Hubs, who reported that her low-grade fever had kicked back in.  I phoned the nurse at the ped office who confirmed that it is the stomach virus, not to force fluids, it is 3-5 days and it isn't internal bleeding.  (I had her laughing when I told her that I panicked and thought that but, "She wasn't vomiting blood so I thought we were okay!")  Tomorrow is day 5.  She may be staying home.  The unfortunate thing is that it is the last week of the grading period and her teacher is less than forgiving with any unfinished work.  What can we do?  She doesn't send it home.  She expects it to be done in class when they don't have time to accomplish the things that they are trying to do in there on a regular basis anyhow.


I'm hoping that tomorrow works for her.  I really do.  We've reviewed all through everything that we know was done.  She has a make-up reading test to take when she gets back, a different reading test, spelling test and a math quiz for Thursday, plus research for a beaver project that she'll have due.



Rach said...

Poor baby! Being sick is the pits. The YSF is the worst of all. :o(

The worry about school is understandably stressful, and I have to say I REALLY don't miss that part of teaching. Ick.

Praying she's doing better today.

The Castro Family said...

NO FUN! Hope she gets to feeling better - and that you guys avoid getting it!

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

:( Feel better Miss K!!