Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello. I've been busy.

K skipped off to the in-law's this weekend, Hubs worked and I drove a couple of hours south to join up with my work crew in Columbus for Buyer's Market.

My Friday started with giving K a quick kiss and getting out and on the road.  I wasn't even around long enough to get her on the bus.  Hubs took care of that.  I had dropped her bags off at my in-law's house on Wednesday.  They were getting her from the bus on Friday, taking her to swimming on Saturday and Hubs was coming to work on the finishing touches of their floor (he installed Pergo for them) and then bring her on home.

K hit a bit of homesickness, though.

Saturday night, she called and cried and cried.  She wanted to come home.  "One and done" was fine with her, as she never spent two whole nights away from home before.  I told her that I was 2 1/2 hours away from her and that dad was probably already in bed.  She texted me back and forth. (She DOES NOT have a phone- she was using my MIL's.)  The texts were getting very sad.  Finally, she texted that she was feeling better and going to bed.

She texted me a photo of her breakfast the very next morning.  Grandma made her a pancake in the shape of a bear with blueberry eyes and nose with a link sausage mouth.  :)

You'd be glad to know that she survived the weekend.  Grandma and Grandpa took her out, they had dinner and went to a movie and believe me, she was treated well.

Hubs had the house to himself, but he had himself set up with music video watching.  I think that he had himself set up with Metal Evolution one night and Global Metal the next night.  That's living life off the edge.

As for me, I was shuttling around a mart, visiting lots of booths/rooms with a lot of things that we couldn't physically purchase on the spot, but order, talk terms and ship dates.  I was able to get the Christmas themes set for the trees, serve as a tie breaker and a mart travel companion for my boss.  We ate.  We bought.  Things were generally good.  I did skip dinner on Sunday night in order to drive home before the St. Patrick's Day drunks hit the roads after dark.

I got home, my people were happy to see me and they were pleased with the souvenir's that I purchased for them from the nearby CVS.  I told you that there is nothing to buy in the mart!

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

CVS souvenirs are the BEST!

Poor kiddo. It's tough being away from home when you're not used to it. Poor mama not being able to help or fix the situation. :oS

I'm glad all went well and you are ready to roll come next October. :o)