Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"What we've got here is failure to communicate."

I admit that when this came to mind this morning regarding K and the tutoring situation from yesterday. I could here the song, but couldn't figure it out.  It took me about an hour to remember that it is Guns N' Roses song Civil War.  For those of you not wondering about that, but you've stayed to read on, I have the song playing right now.  I kind of forgot how much I liked the music of Guns N' Roses.  (Though I've never watched the movie, it is originally a quote from Cool Hand Luke.)  I should get back on the subject at hand though.

K's tutor called my cell this morning.  Of course, I had the cell ringer turned off since I was at an awards dinner last night and forgot to turn it back up.  No matter, I did hook up with her during her break time and we hashed out a plan.

1.  She apologized for not knowing that K's social studies grade was so adversely affected by being pulled for math tutoring.  I told her that we have an at-home study plan, so we're hoping that resolves the issue.

2.  She said that K was in the highest level for literacy intervention and that they pulled the 390 kids as a precautionary measure.

3.  Because of a sudden change in tutors, the literacy help was delayed which is why we hadn't received an earlier letter.

4.  She agrees that K will do just fine on the reading OAA.  She said that she didn't mean to upset K so badly.  She said that she was honest with the kids when they asked why they were pulled for literacy tutoring.  I told her that K and I discussed that she is fine for advancing to the 4th grade regarding her performance on the OAA.  She passed for the 3rd Grade Guarantee.  I said that her performance on this  test gives her school a report card.  "So if the kids don't pass, they'll just pack up shop and shut down." (I have no idea where she heard this.)  "No, they won't close your school.  It does give them an idea of where to improve."

5.  She ended with asking what I wanted done for K.  We decided that she will remain for math tutoring.  She said that she has seen the light come on in regard to her starting to get math.  I told her that I've seen that as well and don't want her to lose momentum.  We discussed her being on target for 3rd grade reading and while we're striving to continue to improve, she is plugging along fine.  I told her that I will continue addressing the items outlined in the OAA report.  K will continue with speech twice a month.  She's started becoming self conscious about her R deficit with speech and we've been working hard to get that corrected.  Speech is a must.

K's teacher sent an apology e-mail for not receiving the e-mails that I sent until last this afternoon.  She was out at a meeting and I told her that I knew that.  (She told the kids that they would have a substitute.)  I told her that I thought that it was important for her to be kept in the loop.  Considering that I wrote in K's planner, "No LLI tutoring for K.  Please don't send her."  I was thinking that needed a bit of explanation.

I did find out that it isn't general protocol to meet with parents regarding LLI sessions, but to just go ahead and pull them for reading tutoring.  They send materials home and a letter and the parents find out then.  I think that is a rather flawed way of handling it.

I did end by telling both the tutor on the phone and Mrs. H on e-mail that I am available.  Both Hubs and I are very ready and willing to meet and to do what we need to do to help K.  We are here.  Please contact us or track us down (as in me in the hall every single Thursday) and we will be happy to meet with them to iron out whatever it is going on.

:snarly face:

I wish that it were easier.  A lot easier.  If it was, she wouldn't learn anything.  Learning is good.  Learning is very good.

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