Monday, February 4, 2013

The Weekly Menu- Week 5 and Super Bowl Ad commentary

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday- Homemade Chicken Pot Pie (I have an awards dinner to attend tonight, so my CPP will be for Tuesday.)

Wednesday-  Veggie burger (K eats with the in-law's)

Thursday-  Chicken pizza

Friday/Saturday-  Meatloaf and the fixin's.

Not a creative week.  It's a couple of busy weeks.  Next week should be real good fun!  Meetings in the afternoon and all that.  :S

Super Bowl ads-  I finally stopped watching.  Hardly anything impressed me and the model kissing the dork with the sounds-- it made me want to crawl under the couch.  My kid was sitting next to me!  It was just a bit too much.

To Toyota- I own a RAV.  I've had 2.  Why on earth would you take what is a known feature on a RAV (the side opening back door) and remove it to now be the top opening door?  If I were shopping for a new RAV right now, that would kill the deal for me.  I'm short and I hate hanging from those doors.  That was the original reason we bought the first one.  The back door and the tire were part of the RAV look.  Now you look like every other pedestrian SUV out there.  Way to go.  You were the first to come up with the small SUV (the RAV) and now you are conforming instead of letting everyone else copy you.  Wow.

The Doritos bit (though, I am a Cool Ranch girl) was good.

I was tired of seeing the black label beer.  (Lager, sorry.)

The kid with the expensive car (avoiding branding a bit) was fine, though there were bits that I would have ditched.  It's still not going to get me to buy one of their cars.


Beyonce and the half time show?  Did I miss something?  I told Hubs as we were watching it that it reminded me of the boat scene in the original Willy Wonka.  To me, it was a hard worked train wreck.  But then people are complaining that Alicia Keys took too long to sing the National Anthem.  Hmmm, at least she didn't lip sync it, right?  I had to giggle at the girl talking while swaying behind Jennifer Hudson.  It made me think that K would do that same thing.  Sandy Hook was wonderful.  To start the game out with such a strong musical start and have the half time as what it was-- yikes.

:snarly snarl:

That's my Super Bowl critique.  I know you didn't ask for it and that's okay.  Do share your thoughts.  Neither Hubs or I was impressed, but that doesn't mean that there weren't others out there that may have been.

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Rach said...

I meal-planned, but since Bitty's home with a fever, we won't be grocery shopping today. Drats.

The menu *was*:

Monday: Chicken and dumplings
Tuesday: Crock Pot chicken enchiladas
Wednesday: chicken burgers
Thursday: hamburgers
Friday: clean out the fridge

I'll be reworking a bit. :oS

The commercials? I was upstairs and missed a couple. There was one with these utterly disgusting smacking sounds and I asked B what the heck was going on. So glad I missed the hot girl/nerd commercial the first time around. :shudder:

I really enjoyed the one with the old folks and the Fun. song done in Spanish. Oh, and the baby clyde had me sniffling. I also enjoyed the Oprah voiced-over one--also had me a sniveling mess.

For funny ones? Hm. The sandwich cookie library whisper fight tickled my funny bone a bit--but, I'm easy to please. ;o)

As for halftime, well, I'm not a Beyonce fan, so really, it did absolutely nothing for me. I suppose if I *were* a fan it would have been magnificent, especially with her getting together with her Destiny's Child homeys.

I DID think Alicia Keys took too long on the National Anthem, but it was lovely. She has a beautiful voice. I cried my way through the Newtown children singing. Oh my.

And, then, the game, we really watch for the game anymore? ;o)