Saturday, February 23, 2013

The best comment that I've ever read for a product.

"I have never owned or shot this bow before but in the store I was pulling it back and the string pooped off and wiped me in the face."

Oh, I think I'm going to laugh all night long about this one.  Spell check.  Too bad they don't have it for the comment section on Amazon.  Honest to goodness, it is exactly what it says.

:audible laughter:

When my 9 year old read it, she almost could not contain her laughter.

P.S.  This is the bow that K has been using.  Her friend has one and neither has the string "pooped off" or "wiped her in the face."  Girlie doo managed to get a near bulls eye on a couple of different occasions with it yesterday, so I'm thinking that the store model may have been a bit abused.  Who knows?  It gave me the best laughter ever.  Oh sweet love, I'm surprised that my side didn't hurt from laughing so much.


The Castro Family said...

I LOL'd! WHY would someone even post a review on something they didn't even USE in the first place?!? Hahahaha!

Rach said...

OMStars!! That is AWESOME!!!!! :oD

Pooped off, indeed! :o)