Monday, February 18, 2013

Pinterest recipe success!

I made the Oatmeal Lemon Cream Bars yesterday and they were so delightful and dinner was late because Hubs worked late, that my Lent sacrifice was botched for yesterday.  Rachael assured me that God forgives.  I'm sure if He ate one of those bars, He would certainly understand.

We also had Yogurt Chicken (as I call it) and no Janeen, mine didn't look like hers either.  I really don't know how they got theirs to look like that.  I did do about 10 minutes under the broiler to brown mine up.  The general family vote was to please do it again.  I only had vanilla Greek yogurt and next time I will definitely use the plain.  Outside of that, we found it to be very yummy.

Do you want to check out some other yummy possibilities I've found?  Click the Follow me on Pinterest button at the bottom.  Look under Deliciousness for all of the grand possibilities I have on deck for some day.  One day.  I promise.

Over and out.  Must shuttle on and sell things to the public.  I display and sell stuff.  They pay me.  It's a nice arrangement we have.  :)

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