Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I can't read or think of the word yawn without actually yawning and other weirdnesses of my day.

1.  It's true.  K always laughs when I read a book with the word yawn.  :big yawn!:  I just can't do it.  Saying it, seeing it, reading it-- it all ends up in a yawn.  :yawn:

Now I have teary eyes.

2.  I had a coworker blow her nose at me today.  Now, didn't she read my blog post from just the other day?  (Most of my coworkers don't know about the blog, and I prefer to keep it that way.)  She has a cold, but insists that she doesn't.  She went to the public bathroom, brought out some tissue and stood in front of me and blew her nose so hard that she could have knocked me into the next room.  No lie, there was bigger force than the wind hitting my house right now.  I have a few options that she could have chosen:

a.  Blow your nose IN the bathroom.
b.  Turn away from the person who is standing in front of you.  (My comment was, "Gee, if I knew that was going to happen, I would have ducked."  Call me damaged goods from just the other day.)
c.  She could have used the Purell at the counter or have gone back into the bathroom and washed her hands.  Nope.  None of that.

3.  I dusted the store a second time to avoid hanging out with the plague.  She was busy lying all over the front sales counter, no doubt discouraging sales as she sniffled, coughed and sneezed all over it never using the additional tissues or Purell dispenser.  :ewwww!:

It is here that I remind y'all of my germaphobia.

4.  I glued jewelry stands together today, taped them for stability and when dry, I filed the rough edges down with nail files.  Yes, I get paid to "file" papers-- literally.  HA!  It's a happy part of being display staff.  People look at me weird as I run an emery board against paper and board.  It makes me smile inside.

5.  I found things for K's Easter basket (helping the bunny out a little!) at the local discount store and in combination with books that I earned from working the Scholastic Warehouse Sale breakdown and the Windmill Generator Kit that Hubs found for half price at the Natural History Museum, K is done!  All I have to do is to put it in a basket.  Last year, K got her bike.  Her old bike was far too small and we told her that the bunny doesn't normally gift such lavish things, but he was concerned for the health of her knees.  He said that there was a whole lotta leg and a whole lotta notta bike.  She understood.

6.  I'll be making the Oat Lemon Bars (they are on my Pinterest page).  I can't exactly recall the name, but I'll be making a double batch tomorrow night for Thursday.  We're providing the teachers with dinner since it is interim pick up.  I won't be attending because it will be my father's somewhat sort of ish birthday.  He's a Leap Baby and he's without an actual read day this year.  I'm on roll duty.  I can't decide whether to pull the bread machine out and make the dough and transfer it or to go the frozen dough ball route.  I'm feeling frozen at this point.

7.  A day and a half after planting our seeds in our window greenhouse, we had seedlings!  We're so happy!  There were more today.

8.  It was garbage pick-up this morning, so this wind tonight doesn't mean that my can has tipped over on the tree lawn only to fill three yards down with my recyclables!  I had to got clean three yards worth of boxes and water bottles from the neighbors last week.  Thankful that the weather held off for a day!

9.  I'm hungry and my Lent sacrifice was no eating after 7.  :(  There's a grumbly in my tumbly.  I've been drinking a lot of water.  A lot.

10.  I forgot!  The nose-blower also has felt the need to lecture me on several different occasions in the past two days.  Her last lecture was about removing a label from her Campbell's soup can.  I told her that I did not remove her label.  She turned her can around and showed it to me.  "I didn't take your label.  I only take the labels from the cans in the recycling."  "Well, my mother saves them for my nephew's school, so I'd appreciate if you NOT take my labels."  "I didn't."  Oh my goodness, girlfriend needs to get a life.  This morning and the day before was a lecture about my speaking with the receiving manager and receiver about merchandise that he accepts that I deem unsellable.  She went on to tell me that basically I need to walk on egg shells and not to announce, "Because of such and such, I can't sell this."  "I'm not really for walking on egg shells."  "Well . . . "  She went on.  My response was, "While I appreciate the lecture  . . . "  It just wouldn't stop.  What's funny is that she has no authority over me, yet for some reason this week has decided to pick on me.  Rrrr.

I am tired.  Though Hubs is downstairs working out and dropping weights all over the place, K is sleeping soundly and I believe that I may follow her lead.



The Castro Family said...

Uck. As a fellow germaphobe, I would have smacked that lady in the face with a spray of Lysol! It's like the parents that send their kids to school with "just allergies" (with shrek hanging out of their nose and a fever?! Don't THINK so!)
Hope your week gets better!

Bailey's Leaf said...


I think that I forgot to mention that I wiped the counter, phone, pens and calculator all down with bleach wipes after she left. Then J, my non-germaphobe coworker, asked if I would consider hitting the door knobs, too. Even J is eeked out a bit!

I volunteer at K's school at least once a week. I can't tell you how many children don't actually make it to class at the beginning of the day. I've seen kids red and fevering get a phone call home to come back to pick up their sick child. I've seen a kid kicked out of a car as he was dry heaving. There was a child who was sent to my child's kindergarten class with a contagious rash from head to toe. (I can't recall which funk it was.) Sometimes the kids become ill while at school. It happens. Last year, K came down with strep while AT school. The teacher said that she was fine, she dropped her off at gym, came back and picked the kids up and K was "gray." We (and you can definitely say this more than all of us with your husband and a compromised immune system) need to keep the sick kiddos at home and if necessary to go out amongst the public, be mindful about how you are with handling your contagion.

Eeek! The week will be better! Wednesday is my Friday-- hooray!

Rach said...

I believe I said it then and I'll say it again--EEEEEEW!!

I'm the same way with the yawning--doing it now! :oP

Work is work and coworkers are what make it especial "worky". Yay you! ;o)