Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

My people at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, PA.  
16 years ago.  It was snowy.  Your foot was burned from an accident at work and you thought you wouldn't be able to wear a pair of shoes.

But you did.

We honeymooned on Hilton Head Island and it was wondrously warm and perfect.

It wasn't the week before and started pouring as left.

I finished college.

You've changed jobs a few times, part of that thanks to seasonal employment.

I've changed jobs a few times.  Part of that due to a beloved gallery going out of business.

We bought a house.

We bought two new cars.

We've birthed and buried a child.

We've fostered and adopted a child.

You've battled your health issues for 10 years.

We've done it.  We haven't done it all.  There's still plenty of lots of everything for us.

16 years and counting.



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Rach said...

Happy anniversary, you two! :o)