Sunday, February 24, 2013

Coming up spring all over!

The Goldfinches are turning yellow again.
(Yes, we had freezing rain, but the squirrel baffle kept the feeder good and dry!)
Not the most in-focus photo job, but I was taking it through the window and it was windy.  Excuses, I know.
True ones!  I swear!

While this isn't a spring thing, we have a chipmunk!  We had a family of them who lived in their tunnel network under our backyard for years.  The neighbor cat snitched one of them last year.  (I saw it and went running and yelling at the cat.)  We also have a hawk population, so I'm thinking that some were chipmunk nuggets.  :(


The girls have their wheeled transportation back out.  E's bike was still tucked away for the winter, so K switched back over to the scooter so that they could have equal transportation. 

The garden window has been reset and the greenhouse is filled and the seedling heat pad is running.  Oh, how I love that thing!  What do we have planted?  Cherokee purples, Big Rainbow Tomatoes, Romas, little Red Peppers, Cupid's Dart (a perennial and new to me), 4 o'clocks (though I'm thinking that they reseeded pretty well last year), and zinnias.  I'll do another planting in a few weeks, when I can kick the greenhouse plants out and roll with another set.  I'm hoping to grow all of my own flowers this year, making all of my own hanging baskets and having plants for the beds.  Most of my beds are perennials, but I'll plant and seed a bit in the front. 


My cheapie little St. Patrick's Day door decoration.  It's from the Dollar Tree and I just strung a bit of ribbon through some slits I cut.  In the attempt to save some extra money (see the flower basket comment above), I went a bit economical on the door decor.  I'll have my spiffy Easter wreath from last year to hang soon enough.  
Is spring coming up in your neighborhood?  Oh, do tell!

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

We're still doing that weather waffling thing here. It was 60 today. 45 Wednesday. That's how we roll. I'm ready to get out and get my flowerbeds cleaned out and the patio swept free and such. I still have a little longer.

And, may I just tell you I about busted a gut over your "chipmunk nuggets"?? HAHAHAHA!! :oD