Thursday, January 31, 2013

When you are short, finding over the knee boots that fit isn't the easiest thing.

My brother's wedding is on Saturday.  Though it is billed as a casual dress event, I refuse to go to my brother's wedding in jeans.

It is winter in Ohio.

It is supposed to be cold and snowy on Saturday.

I have wonderful skirts and tops to go with.  My wintertime missing element was proper footwear.  I had no idea what I was going to do until J came into work this week with tall boots on.

"That's it!"

She looked at me rather odd, but she does that a lot.

I told her I needed tall boots and that would make the pieces of outfits I have roll together just fine for my brother's wedding.  Not over-dressed, but not terribly under-dressed.  He is wearing black jeans and everyone else is probably wearing denim.  I just can't do it, though.

I went shopping with K.  I thought it wouldn't be that bad.  I thought that what would hold me back more was what to spend.  Though I will wear them in the winter, I didn't want to pay a ton.  I started trying them on at DSW in ye ole clearance section.  I kept running into one problem, though.  The zipper didn't want to zip all the way up on the left boots.  Yes, that would be plural.  I couldn't figure out why.  I was even trying on boots for $149 and $169 (not that I was buying them) to see if more expensive boots made a difference.

It was almost worse!

I don't have calf muscles of an overgrown moose.  What's funny is that the left is where I had atrophy from the full ACL rupture and the thigh was 2" smaller than the right thigh.  I thought we would roll with a similar size difference with the calf muscles, but then I remembered breaking the right foot.  That may account for the difference in size, or that I'm just not symmetrical.  Either way, I had a dang hard time finding some boots to fit.  I also found that I needed a size 6 in the boots and not my normal 6 1/2.  Who knew?  On the way home, K and I stopped by Hubs' work and I was discussing my fit issue with the girls.

Shortness was my problem!  They design these boots to fit on tall girls!  I'm not a tall girl!  I'm a short girl who buys pants cut for short girls and they are still too long!  I did have success, though. I found these.  (I'm sorry.  I was unsuccessful on cut and paste.)  Hubs says that they look like Gene Simmons boots and asked if I could get some with some more hardware.  "They had some with spikes, but I didn't get those."  I also informed him that Gene Simmons' boots had huge heels on them and these don't.

He did smirk and said that he liked them.  :insert approval with the eyebrows:

I'm pleased to say that they were 40% off, I just received a $10 off coupon from DSW yesterday, so I spent $40 instead of the insane money that they wanted for not leather boots.

I smile.  They are lovely.  Hubs even thinks so.  ;)

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Rach said...

They ARE lovely! I'm jealous! I love love love a good pair of boots! I'm glad you found a pair to fit in spite of the *erm* challenges you faced. ;o)