Saturday, January 12, 2013

This side of the trough.

We have some bizarre weather going on here in the U.S.  The states, at least when I watched the forecast this morning, was split in half with a large trough of cold air across the west and a big trough of warm air to the east.

I'm in the warm air trough.  Well, that is at least until the weather changes tomorrow evening.

K and the neighbor friend played outside in the melting snow pile that used to be the igloo in the front yard.  They also were out back on the swing set.

What about me?  I opened up all of the windows and turned the fans on low.  I'm trying to air out the infectious funk that has been floating around here for about a month.  I had the windows open until 7:30 PM.  It was delightful!

Still, I miss the snow.  I welcome its return.


Rach said...

At least you had snow to start with. We're still in the upper-60's to low-70's with that warm air. I'd love to see a high in the 30's, but that's just not happening around these parts.

Who, me, jealous??

Bailey's Leaf said...

When it comes, I'll shovel the drive and think of you. :)