Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Weekly Menu- Week 2

Have you ever gotten to a day on your menu and said, "Meh?"  All of us ditched Saturday pizza.  We just weren't feeling it.  I had some extra eggs, a few wheat tortillas left, I picked some hash brown potatoes up at the grocery and defrosted some turkey bacon and some wheat bagels.  Voila!  Breakfast wraps and potatoes for dinner.

Here goes for this week:

Sunday/Monday:  Vegetarian wheat pasta lasagna with steamed broccoli and salad

Tuesday/Wednesday:  I'm on my own.  There will be lasagna left over for at least Tuesday.  Wednesday can be a veggie burger.

Thursday:  Toasted cheese sandwiches and soup.  (Arts and Literature Festival at school.  We need something not terribly involved.)

Friday:  It's Hubs' Birthday!  Baked Chicken with cornbread dressing, rolls, some other vegetable and salad.  Oooo!  And Jello cake!  (His favorite!)

Saturday:  Chicken sausage, a vegetable and salad.

I should add that this was the first time I've made lasagna (I haven't made many, though) without cooking the noodles.  The directions said not to cook them, though I didn't read the directions thoroughly.  The noodles still seemed stiff after cooking for the length of period specified.  When re-reading, I realized that I was to head the spaghetti sauce, which I hadn't done.  I figured that crunchy noodles needed more moisture, so on a few different occasions, I added some extra water to the top and I kept the lasagna cooking.  (Covered with foil.)  In the end, I think I may have saved it!  At least it is puffed up with a cooked noodle type consistency when poked with a toothpick.  Next time, I will cook the sauce.

Have a great week!


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Looks yummy!

Rach said...

Monday: Red beans and rice
Tuesday: Jumbalaya
Wednesday: Pinto beans and corn bread
Thursday: Gumbo
Friday: Greek salad, hummus and homemade pitas

Yours looks delightfully yummy! Brien was craving cajun this week. Can you tell? ;o)