Saturday, January 26, 2013

The punishment: Writing

K- is currently on a writing punishment.  She has been yelling and lippy for a bit now.  Christmas break was wonderful.  She was great.  We really didn't have any of that.

Then she went back to school.

Dear K-,

It is okay to have an opinion and to express it.  It is not okay to yell at me.

It is not okay to stand up and frump your butt up in the air and take off down the hall.  Doing so adds trips up and down the hall for you to have to count out to me.  We will walk up and down the hall like a civilized human.

Oh, and don't think about slamming that door.  You did that.  A couple of times.  I threatened to take the door off the hinges.  You knew I was serious and discontinued that behavior.  I'll say that was this summer and this hasn't reared its ugly head again.

Right now, you are writing:

I will stop speaking disrespectfully to my mom and dad.  I will stop yelling.  When I disobey my parents, I am disobeying God.         

You are writing that 40 times.  You did earn a 15 time reprieve by being absolutely angelic today when we took a crabby grandma (my mom) shopping.  That trip was rough for me.  Grandma is stressed about wedding details and was not the most pleasant of grandmas today.

You started out with 20 times to write this.  Each time you yelled or was disrespectful, 5 more times was added.

You got up to 55.

Your writing this is excruciating for all of us.  You are not permitted to have any privileges until this is complete.

Frankly, that is a bummer.  So far, you have caught yourself mid-yell or mid-disrespect and quickly (lightning speed) re-tuned.

I appreciate that you are learning.

Write like the wind, K-.  Mommy would like to play a game with you.



P.S.  You said that you are "writing like the wind" because you want to play a game, too.  Hopefully, this will be over tonight.  I miss having fun.


Rach said...

Parenting: It's not for the faint of heart.

Hopefully all the words and sentences are written. Fingers are crossed for you.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Yes, the sentences were completed last night. She realizes the error of her ways. Hopefully, she remembers that lesson.

Writing for K seems to be the most effective thing for now. It isn't damaging her and after writing those sentences 40 times, my guess is that she can now spell all of those words correctly if she couldn't do so before.