Friday, January 4, 2013

I tried to tickle my brain with a Q-Tip.

Yes, yes.  I know.  Q-Tips are technically for make-up use and craft projects.  I get it.  I'll preface before I even tell you my story.  I know that you shouldn't put them in your ear, but I do and I will again.

New Year's Day, I was in the bathroom and K- had called for me to come look at something.  I was being a busy, multi-tasking mom and decided that I'd grab up a Q-Tip, stick it gently in my ear, grab the flosser that I wanted, plunk it in my mouth and I'd be off and on my way.  It all worked and before I started hoofing it down the hall, I went to grab hold of the Q-Tip and ended up jamming it into my head instead.

Dang that hurt.  Tears didn't come to my eyes, but it was close.  I walk into the kitchen with the flosser still hanging out of my mouth while clutching my right ear.  At that same time, Hubs hobbled up the steps ouching about how he just banged his baby toe into the step.

We were quite the pair.  All the while, K- is sitting there, rubbing my arm and telling Hubs how sorry she was that he tried to rip a toe off.  Poor kid.

My ear pained.  There was no blood, so I was hopeful.  My hearing wasn't compromised, so that was promising.  I really didn't look forward to visiting my doctor to inform him that I was trying to tickle my brain, but instead tried to stab it with a Q-Tip.

Not good.

A couple of days and several Advil later, my ear feels like an ear again.  I promise not to multi-task with a Q-Tip sticking out of my ear.  I refuse to give up that good time feeling of a Q-Tip ridding me of squishy feeling ears after a bath.

No way.  No how.

Have a great night!

PS  I'm laughing because I do want y'all to realize that I knew that my brain wasn't right there.  :)  One heck of a sore eardrum was the stabbing recipient.  :S


Rach said...

You didn't tell me you tried to stab your eardrum!!

I'm all about a good swabbing of the ears after a shower. It gets rid of the nasty wet and cleans them at the same time. You can't beat it. And, yes, I acknowledge I'm not supposed to but do so anyhow. In fact, I'm always telling the girls, "Do as I say, not as I do!" ;o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

I am a Q-Tip brand addict, even though the ear pain still makes me cringe.

Rach said...

Gotta use the Q-tip brand--they really DO have the most cotton on the end. :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

I am very brand specific on Q-Tips. I agree! The generic or off brand ones get put into the craft bin. They are like rubbing a lollipop stick in your ear! You can't have that!