Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I feel like Luke from Gilmore Girls.

I would love to post a "no cell phone" sign in the store, just like Luke had at his diner.  Today, a customer got a call while she was roaming around.  While she was talking to the caller, she was talking to me and wanting me to get things for her.  Then, she was giving me sign language to know to put things back, get things or Lord knows what else.

I am not an air traffic controller.  I do not have to read hand signals for my job.

I whispered, "I'll help you when you are done there."  She just talked louder to me and louder to the gentleman on the phone.  :roll of the eyes:

I understand that sometimes you have to take a call.  It's very cold out here right now, but if she walked away to another room, she could have held her conversation and had no problems.  She purchased her items, I wrapped them and she left oblivious to how rude she was.

Please, if you need help, put your phone down.

The end.

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Rach said...

Funny that. I was in the Le Cruset outlet with my mom a couple of weeks ago and Jess called. She took the call and started talking louder and louder while trying to shop. She gave the phone to me and I excused myself to walk outside and she asked why. Seriously, Mom?!? I told her it was rude to talk in a store and she acted shocked. Again, seriously?!?